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    Tanto 6120

    I'm looking for a Tanto 6120 imagesetter. Please contact me if you have one....
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    Screen PT-R 8300 E with autoloader, processor and Trueflow SE with multi screening

    I'd like to sell this used Screen PT-R 8300 E with autoloader (two cassettes), processor, stacker and conveyor. I have also a Trueflow SE station and I can offer service and training. Do not hesitate to contact me. Regards Giuseppe
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    Screen Tanto 6120 with processor and Rip

    I'd like to sell this running imagesetter. Ex works price is 5k euro. Do not hesitate to contact me for info. Regards
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    how to remove a text in baked thermal plate

    Backed plate Backed plate I don't know any chemical cleaner. Only scratching the plate you can remove backed emulsion.... But, if you scratch the plate you can damage the grained layer.
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    Fuji XMF Inquiry?

    What kind of TF version are you using? What is your problem with TF?
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    Plate weak Problems

    Fount solution Fount solution Did you change fount solution? You can try to make a test with another plate... ;-)

Controlling the Purse Strings


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