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    Chinese brand cutters...what do you think

    Don't know if anyone knows what is wrong. Triumph Ideal-Forte 521E Paper Cutter - push the safety button, lights up, then when I push the 2 buttons for the blade to come down, the blade kind of staggers, stops and starts. The safety light goes on and off.
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    Chinese brand cutters...what do you think

    Have a Triumph Ideal-Forte 521E Paper Cutter --- can't get parts
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    Pharmacy Bag Supplier

    Looking for someone who prints pharmacy bags.
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    Vastech D14 Shallow Processor / Changing Thermostate

    I purchased the thermostat, and don't know how to get inside the machine to attach the wire end inside the processor. Hate to take apart way more than I need to, like I always do. Looks difficult to keep the old wire and attach it to the new thermostat (spring, and wire). Can I just jumper the...
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    Vastech 14" Shallow Processor

    Thanks for the information.I guess you don't put chemistry in the machine to start, but simply fill the tanks underneath. Will be using this for polyester plates.
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    Vastech 14" Shallow Processor

    Just bought a used one, and don't know how it works. Looks like the overflow goes straight down. Usually overflow is to the side, and does not empty until replenishment forces an overflow. How does the chemistry stay in the processor.
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    Questions about a Cutter

    I agree that the blade may be dull, Could try a peice of chipboard top, and bottom.
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    Guillotine Booklet Trimming Help!

    Not familiar with the equipment. Can you increase the pressure on the clamp to hold the book tighter? Look at the direction of the knife when you cut. Does it move left to right or right to left. If it moves right to left, put the books on the left hand side of the cutter. If you are trimming...
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    Rosback 202 trimmer question

    Don't do it. Rosback 202 is very difficult to set up, get a book out that is square. I went to Duplo bookletmaker. Everything is cut to size with only front trim necessary.
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    Accuset 800 PPD

    Thought I resolved it. Wrong. Still can't output film larger than 8.5x11" on 12" roll. Went to mac os hints for driver.
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    Accuset 800 PPD

    Figured out my problem. Coming out of Indesign, the setting are opposite of the Rip. I simply print w/ the film direction the wrong way. Width equals length, and length equals width.
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    Accuset 800 PPD

    Still have same problem. Downloaded PPD as was suggested. Now I get a custom setting in Indesign. Can only run 8,5x11" film. Using a Torrent Rip. Send job to Rip,no error message. When I send to Accuset, Rip, message job too big. I was trying to run a 12x18" job on 12" film. Also tried 11x17"...
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    Accuset 800 PPD

    My Imac w/ tiger got sick, and I had to replace the Imac with another Imac. Running Leopard, can see Windows 95 computer, but PPD only allows 8.5x11" film, no custom setting for page size. Anyone know what PPD I should use? Running Torrent.
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    Mishubishi Plates on Accuset 800.

    What is best plate processor (film processor) to use?
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    Copy Job vs Printing Job Pricing...

    I find the most expensive copy is the file that is all messed up. I could spend an hour fixing the file, imposing the file. So I have to charge hourly for prep. It is incredible how much work I did for free. I now have a time clock next to my desk, and just punch in and out on the job. Usually...


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