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    MIS Recommendation?

    Printlogic -
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    Job Pricing help...

    Have a look at Printlogic. Their MIS is aimed at small print shops.
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    MIS Software Recommendations?

    Hi Duncan, Have a look at Printlogic MIS - It is cloud based software and it covers Digital, Offset, Wide Format and Outsourcing. You can request free trial on their website. Joe
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    Simple But Effective Workflow?

    I agree with Mattbeats. In my experience company culture is the one that needs to be changed. In my previous place I've seen introduction of expensive workflow systems and new initiatives, but people would go back to the same old ways. Staff on the printfloor just look at any change as if the...
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    PrintSmith estimating software

    You can try Printlogic It's fully cloud based MIS software and it's only $115 per month for unlimited users. Contact me for more info, demo or free trial.

e-Book: Steps to a More Profitable Workflow

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Key Steps To Making Your Workflow Profitable
The most profitable print shops remain agile and respond to their customers’ demands while keeping inventory levels at a minimum, decreasing the amount of time from order to delivery and making it easy to do business with. Read the Post