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    Azura TS on Dimension 412

    when we went from azura 1 to "son of azura" TS we had agfa techs come in and sort the imaging in the ctp - you had the techs in to do that?
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    Illustrator file in Quark 7.3

    open the illustrator file, copy paste to new document, resave as something else name, re-import into quark
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    Hot Foil Stamping

    our foilers only want vectors - so only supply vectors some kind of registration - sounds simple but you'd be amazed... give them something to position and register to, and discuss and agree acceptable tolerances up front.
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    CAD/CAM Packaging designer Cambridgeshire UK

    We are actively seeking: CAD CAM folding carton/board packaging and envelope designer. Start: Immediate. Salary negotiable D.O.E. Modern equipment, good working environment. Fully experienced in the trade especially with Artios CAD. Some training given but a good all round solid performer...
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    Proofer of Your Dreams

    packaging on board here - if we could get accurate colour(including spots) on same stock as the B1 job run on our UV inkjet i'd be very happy - as for spot varnishes we have the option to run varnish on the machine too - so no problems there, and cut/crease could do any embossing needed, so for...
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    Agfa Azura

    gotcha can't confess to being familiar with those inks at all - i'm guessing agfa say they are fine to use not sure how accurate the visual test you and the tech did - might LOOK the best but was sufficient power reached to fuse the plate correctly i know you've done it, but i'd check on the...
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    Agfa Azura

    well i dont run a press so i cant really comment on HOW they manage it..... i'd deffo do a stage by stage investigate - starting with the ctp, then onto press with chemistry and conditions. what is your ctp by the way? we have a second hand screen 8000II - superb machine. Presses komori...
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    LithoSupplies suspends shares

    back up prepress suppliers - i have a couple in mind, but welcome new ones east of england is where i am
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    Serious Issue - Help Needed

    can/have you done a "roam" on the ripped data - to make SURE it's not some rip issue. i'm sure you have but it helps to know
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    LithoSupplies suspends shares

    ok well since litho are facing an unsteady future i need recommendations for prepress suppliers in the uk as a back up plan anyone care to mention a few good ones?
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    LithoSupplies suspends shares

    nice one steve cheers :) very interesting debate beneath the main article.
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    LithoSupplies suspends shares

    yeah but rumours were mostly being spread by their competitors....hell i even got a mercenary email from one of em wanting to keep me going after the crushing fall of litho... but litho are fine - they have been bought i believe by a former director and are trading just fine - as far as i'm aware
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    Flatbed Printer

    fuji have the turbo and turbo plus - they'd do what you want, and a couple of other good machines too viewtek, dhurst, all good machines - all capable of what you need. decide on either variable droplet size or one size - i really really reccommend you make sure there is good tech support in...
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    LithoSupplies suspends shares

    just had a few days off - came back to this - am amazed. we use them for lots of stuff - they've been excellent to us for years, and i feel for all involved they are still trading - agfa are happy to still support and help them - early days so we'll see what happens
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    China plates

    well stab me vitals - it's Mr aldridge! a blast from the past! in time i'm sure chinese plates will get used in europe - maybe that's really why agfa are after them now - to stave off that inevitability for a while longer

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