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    Dot gain test sheet layout

    Sorry i am questioning gripper to tail not the front and back of the sheet.
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    Dot gain test sheet layout

    What is the best layout for a dot gain test sheet. I made one myself but i have pretty big difference in dot gain between the front and the back of the sheet. In the 40% tone for some colors the difference between the front and the back can be 6 or 7%. Can the layout effect these numbers...
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    SCTV formula in excel

    Does anyone have an excel sheet to calculate sctv values? We print in CMYKOGV and use minispots for our process control in excel. We now want to use SCTV to calculate the dotgain for OGV instead of the traditional method. We use the Techkon spectrodens and when i measure in SCTV mode i get the...
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    PANTONE vs CMYK gamut checker

    If it are not to much colors i can check them for you.
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    MFX MetalFX Colour Pallete

    Hi Al, We purchase the MFX Technology back in 2005 never really set off but now i would like to use some colors from the swatchbook but my cd does not want to read anymore :(. Does anyone still have the digital swatch book if so can you send them to me? Thanks in advance. Ben
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    Signa Station - how to output imposition layout?

    You could just add a text mark with variables on page level (ctrl+5). If you add $[Sheetregionno] and say copy "to all pages" you have pagenumber on every page. You have a lot of variables you can use.
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    software for building dot gain curves?

    I would suggest color toolbox from heidelberg. You can easily measure, analyse en mean them, export and read them directly into meta color calbiration.
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    Unknown Feature Discovered In Illustrator

    I also work in packaging and get the most crazy pms jobs but this i have never seen. I always wonder how the designer makes the decision to mix 2 pms colors. Nobody can predict the result up front. Maybe we should close this topic down so that you don't give anyone a "good" idea :P.
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    how should jobs progress through Prepress departments?

    If you feel like your job might be in in jeopardy and you have time to spent. Read about and implement color management, this gives you an infinite amount of time to spent. Because you make it as crazy as you like :).
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    how should jobs progress through Prepress departments?

    Are all the jobs designed in house? Most of the time the technical prepress guy shares a good amount of time fixing files submitted by customers who don't know what they are doing :P.
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    Installation of CP 2000

    We just had a dead display and wanted to control it with mouse and keyboard, but usb was not supported. So eventually we used an old ps2 splitter for mouse and keyboard and that did work. But on my quest trying to make usb work again i found out the system is totally locked. Our version runs on...
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    cp85 cleaner doesn't clean that much...

    Hi, I'm guessing you're talking about a Glunz & Jensen cleanout unit? We have the C85 and have had the same problem. Main problem in our case was worn out bearings. Now we change the top and bottom bearing every 3/6 months (top seems to go faster then bottom) and we have no more problems...

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Automatically Autonomous Automation
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