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    Used Xerox Colorpress 1000 for sale **Very Low Clicks**

    “Loaded” Xerox Color Press 1000. (Can be upgraded to 1000i) Total Clicks : 200,000 (Very Low, Not a Typo!) Xerox Colorpress 1000 4/Color + Clear EFI Fiery EX 1000 Workstation High Capacity Stacker Standard Bookletmaker/Finisher Manual Inserter Square Fold Trimmer Module Still in production...
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    Scodix Ultra2 with Foil vs MGI JetVarnish 3D with Foil

    We are in the process of making a decision on one of these presses. Does anyone have any experiences with one or the other or both printers? Can anyone impart any wisdom on pluses and minuses of both machine? Any info would be very helpful . Thanks in advance.
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    Xerox XC1000 vs Ricoh c7110x

    We ended up buying the Xerox Colorpress 1000 and not the Ricoh.
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    Xerox XC1000 vs Ricoh c7110x

    Ive been studying and negotiating on these printers since August of this year. This is the end of this long process. and they are basically throwing in their final cards. I understand the timing part. But this is toward the end of a long process. IM ready to start making money. Any thoughts...
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    Xerox XC1000 vs Ricoh c7110x

    Ok im faced with a dilemma. Ive been offered a Xerox Colorpress 1000 Demo machine with under 20k impressions with booklet maker with face trim and square fold as well as with a stacker, Newest fiery, as well as with clear toner 5th housing that will also be able to print gold and silver in Feb...
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    Ricoh C7100X

    I saw it at Graph expo and I had a trip scheduled to go to Boulder tomorrow and see it. I sent them substrate for my demo and my local sales person came to my office today and told me they're afraid to run my substrate because they don't have many parts for it right now. They told me I could...
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    Most Litho-like digital print?

    In the samples I ran on the Versant and the KM 1100. The KM toner was shinier.
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    Ricoh c751

    Does anyone know what the list price and what you can actually buy a Ricoh c751 digital printer for equipped with paper drawers and smallest bookletmaker? Also, how cheap can you get them on the clicks without a click commitment?
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    Xerox Versant...

    Demo'd the Xerox versant yesterday. Very nice image quality. Quality was the same as test sheets we ran on KM Bizhub c1100. I think with the wide array the versant has a little more automation than the c1100. Profiling substrates inside the press is a really nice feature for operators. The...
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    Xerox versant 2100 or KM bizhub c1100 or Ricoh c901 or canon 7011vp?

    Great feedback, thanks Printmore. Would love to hear more feedback from end users as well as from anyone that know about the other digital presses..
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    Xerox Versant...

    Yes, that was the correct price. I was surprised that was their first quote out of the Gate. That is configured with a 3 drawer feeder, and the cheap booklet maker and a Fiery. Im going to look at it tomorrow and run some sheets. I will post my feedback. So far after looking at the Canon...
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    Xerox Versant...

    I just got a quote at 130k, .042 cents per click and $600.00 service charge per month. This was there first quote. Not sure how much lower they'll go.
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    Xerox versant 2100 or KM bizhub c1100 or Ricoh c901 or canon 7011vp?

    I do packaging samples and other high value printing with flatbed ink jets and other large format devices. I'm looking to add a digital press to my lineup so I can print some of my stuff up to 350 gsm and I'm also going to start printing about $25k per month in digital printing ( booklets...

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