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    fuji luxel vx9600

    hello, anyone know if can i replace conveyor bands of plate with generic and normal rubber bands? or could be standard green conveyor belt bands... i guess no available from fuji and should be a headache try to find original ones... machine some years stopped and now the rubber bands are easily...
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    Question about dongle...

    Hello, a friend had a fuji ctp damaged, no interest in repairs, so he offered to me his XMF V6 dongle, but he dont have the setup installation CD only password and dongle serial, so the question is, should be easy to find the right version of software for that specific dongle? fuji can send the...
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    old harlequinn rip for luxel

    hello, for testing purposes, anyone know which old version should work with a fuji luxel vx9600 ctp? i asked some technicians and all them say can work woth harlequinn... i know the best choice is purchase a xitron blue box + newest software... but im not sure if the ctp work 100%, so, before...
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    fuji luxel software

    i have seen it´s white color when came with CTP,, but at becker´s catalogue only available in gray color, any difference of both?
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    fuji luxel software

    Thank you Martin, i bought the CTP in an auction and last week i moved it to my city to start to test but the vacuum pump and server were stolen... do you know the becker pump model? is it VT4.4? performance it´s about 30m3/hr? before spent money in a blue box and the newest software, i would...
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    fuji luxel software

    do you know another compatible software? or just harlequin? do you know where buy it preowned? or if exists a opensource sotware?
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    fuji luxel software

    someone know which software can i use with a FUJI luxel vx-9600? server dongle dont work and i need upgrade software but i really dont know which one to choose, harlequin, tiff catcher.. or what.. thanks
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    i need to move a FUJI luxel vx-9600

    hello, i need move a fuji luxel vx-9600 from antoher city to my city, i´ve heard about a transport internal device, to lock spinner, laser and so... but i have no idea where to find it or a trick to do same job with another materials... also flowork is obsolete and i dont know how to "update"...

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