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    The Solution

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    Breaking up Accuset 1000

    Or this.
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    Rampage VS 13 For Sale

    We just switched to XMF. Rampaged is in good condition. No problems. We have the cable for fuji platesetter and Dongle.
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    we will be replacing ours by the end of this month

    we will be replacing ours by the end of this month
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    USA Today to end print edition

    After 20 years of pondering, I have a solution. Rebrand "Junk Mail" to "Information Target Mail". I believe within weeks, people will be looking forward to receiving information in the mail targeted just for them. :)
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    PitStop Pro 2019 extend Bleeds

    Got it fixed. Was importing from the wrong window
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    PitStop Pro 2019 extend Bleeds

    Had this on my previous versions of PitStop. After upgrading I was not able to import to the new version 2019. Does any one know what the setting are on the new version fro extending page size and creating bleed? The one I had made the page bigger then extended bleeds on all items. I played...
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    HP Latex Flatbed R2000 Plus - GameChanging Technology

    Has anyone have any good or bad things to say about the HP R2000 Latex Flatbed? considering adding another flatbed to my lineup but haven't herd to much about it since it was introduced last summer.
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    Ricoh C9100

    We had that happen to us as well one time. They were talking new drives and mother board. I finally had time to see what what they were doing during installation. and the problem was always when they re installed the profiles. Turns out one of the profiles was corrupt and causing this issue.
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    Ricoh C9110 recommendations

    Once we got the 9110 we started to run more envelopes through it. Had really good luck with #10, A2, A7. We run the envelopes both ways. One is when we buy open flap, second is when we open them ourselves before we run. Small lifts in two trays works good for us.
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    Ricoh C9110 recommendations

    When we got the J75 we were under the Xerox service. Then one day MOTG called us and said that Xerox who purchased MOTG will now service our J75. MOTG had no knowledge of the machine. Service techs would break parts while fixing other parts that were broken. For months I was telling them the...
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    Ricoh C9110 recommendations

    Needed a replacement for our J75. Started to look at various manufactures. Ricoh, Canon, Konica, Xerox. Went to all the demos, 9110 was the game changer. At first we could not believe what we were seeing. Speed, Quality, Price. Spent a day at Ricoh and Xerox, Xerox 3100, to run actual jobs. OMG...
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    Versant 3100 Installed.

    Sorry my mistake its 4x faster than our J75. 2x faster than Xerox 3100. Remember when I said we were hardcore Xerox people. I could not believe what I was told. So we took the same job to Xerox 3100 and Ricoh 9100. Over 2X faster. No lie.
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    Versant 3100 Installed.

    We just installed Ricoh 9110. Went from J75. Did extensive tests on Xerox 3100 and Ricoh 9110. Ricoh runs over 4 times faster on heavier stock. Just ran a 1300 sheets, 13x19 100lb Dull cover, two sided in half an hour. Testing both machines made a huge difference for us. We actually saw how 3100...
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    Need Advice on new Cutter

    64” Plotter - Summa D or T series maybe Roland GX-640 or GD-640 We are currently running Roland GX500 Pro. We need something bigger now. Looking for advice between Summa and Roland. Would prefer to use Ethernet vs USB, and prefer something that has a more powerful rollers to use on long rolls...

Automatically Autonomous Automation

Automatically Autonomous Automation
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