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    10 Pre-Press Tips For Perfect Print Publishing

    SWOP or GRACoL CMYK as a lowest common denominator doesn't cut it. If you choose that, then your web site and TV commercials look like crap. Staying in RGB has a lot of advantages when you take media other than print into account. I'm not saying you should slight print as a media and stay with...
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    AppleTalk Printers don't work in Snow Leopard

    I know I am posting to this thread late, but there are some problems I have with the last post. This is not true. The very first Intel Macs used 32-bit processors. This is not true. It was possible to write 64-bit applications for both 10.4.x and 10.5.x. See this Apple document ...
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    Thoughts on the Quickmaster DI series?

    My Thoughts My Thoughts We have an older one - want it ? The newer versions had some changes that resolved some of the issues we had. 1) Really only liked one manufacturer's inks 2) Ink temperature was critical - newer versions had a bigger chiller 3) Plate scratches could be a problem 4)...
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    File Input Workflow for a Small Shop?

    Obligatory WebDAV recommendation ;) ftp is so 90's If you use Vista as a client, make sure you install the KB907306 update or WebDAV won't work. Chasd.
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    MS Word PC / MS Word Mac - Formatting

    Word is notorious for not maintaining formatting across versions or printer setups. Just make a PDF from the setup that is "correct." BTW, how do you know what is correct - was hard copy supplied ? Chasd.
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    new file server and Raid?

    We use Xinet FullPress on OS X client using a G5 with around 10 users. The drives are not RAID, however I do disk-to-disk backup every night to FireWire drives. Moving to a MacPro should fix the small performance issues I see. All our other servers are Fedora Linux running netatalk and samba...
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    Alternatives to mail I have never had a problem with attachments and bundled with OS X. One of it's neat features is you can "attach" an entire directory and it will use the "make an archive" feature of the Finder to ball it up. We have standardized on for OS X users, and...
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    profiling to SWOP

    Use Existing IDEAlliance ICC Profiles Use Existing IDEAlliance ICC Profiles You don't need to make a profile of SWOP printing conditions, that is available. <> Scoll to the bottom where "Downloads" are listed. Some RIPs don't use ICC profiles, but you can...
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    TIFF/IT files.

    Re: TIFF/IT files. TIFF/IT files had one huge advantage - consistent RIP times. You could schedule a platemaker like clockwork because the data was pre-rasterized. PostScript or PDF data means scheduling variability. Rorke Data used to make an application that rendered TIFF/IT files ( Page...
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    JDF: delusions of grandeur

    Re: JDF: delusions of grandeur > {quote:title=Keebler wrote:}{quote} > I have coded (PHP) a system that creates print-ready, imposed PDFs of business cards (and other products) on the fly from web-based user input. I want to be able to log in and hit a button and have them pop out of the...
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    Linux on a Windows box

    Re: Linux on a Windows box I personally prefer Fedora too, because if you ever want to make a switch to Red Hat, there are many similarities. Note that the latest Fedora is version 9, not 8. You might want to try the Live CD first. That is a single CD image that will boot the computer into...
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    Networking PC to Mac

    Re: Networking PC to Mac > {quote:title=BigSi wrote:}{quote} > I put a file in my shared folder on my PC and I can't see it on my Mac unless I restart the mac. I'l assume you mean Windows when you say PC. There isn't a "refresh" command in the Mac Finder like there is in the Windows file...
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    PC VS Mac Platforms

    Re: PC VS Mac Platforms > {quote:title=John W wrote:}{quote} > File originates in Europe. PDF is sent to us in NA. We are asked to modify the file to suit NA pharmaceutical regulations . . . Whoa. That isn't prepress work, that is a complete redesign. Someone didn't do their job upstream. That...
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    PC VS Mac Platforms

    Re: PC VS Mac Platforms > {quote:title=John W wrote:}{quote} > Then comes the reluctance to handle the other platform. Anyone who does not understand the GUI for each system will fall down. The interface in Adobe applications is the same on Macintosh and Windows, so for actual work that is not...
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    XML in Quark or Illustrator

    Re: XML in Quark or Illustrator My Google search produced an XRay article that was a simple tutorial, but I assumed the OP had already done some searching, My impression was he was looking for some hands-on advice rather than synthetic samples as found on the web. I have only done some simple...

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