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    Plate Curves and Ink Optimization Help

    Hello all, Hoping for some advise, experiences and/or opinions. Any and all input will be appreciated. General information: •We have a one year old 40” 4/c Komori H-UV perfecting press. We are G7 certified. •We do not linearize our plates, they are no more than 2% off target at the 50% as...
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    Workflow opinions/comparisons

    Hi Dan, We've been running Nexus since 2001 (I believe). The workflows I set up are very automated and require very little intervention. If you'd like, I'll send you a few. I think you'd be able to restore them but they might not be usable because of your module licenses and also because we are...
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    Workflow opinions/comparisons

    Hello all, In my experience, EPP operators generally like and defend the workflow they are currently using. That said, why? I'd like to read some pro's and con's of workflow from people who have changed systems in the past couple years. In particular, I'd like to see if anyone has moved from...
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    Automated Workflow Suggestions

    Hmm, lots of hits with no response! My thought was something like this, 1) Client a pdf uploads via ftp 2) Enfocus Switch directs the file(s) to: Alwan CMYK Optimizer, then to PitStop Server for preflight and basic "massaging" 3) Status report is generated and sent to client and production...
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    Automated Workflow Suggestions

    We are currently have a Esko-Nexus front end and have been very pleased with it. We are going to upgrade in the very near future and want to come up with a complete (semi-home grown) web to print solution. We are not going to invest in "WebCenter" or "InSight" type of solutions. Our desire is...
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    Trendsetter 3244 Auto-loader parts

    Hello all, I'm looking for a part, Separator cylinder 55-0574. This is an old machine. I can't seem to locate it. We would like to purchase it and install it ourselves. Our current service provider cannot get one from Kodak and we have not had success with Kodak either. If anyone is aware of a...
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    Screen CTP Equivilents

    Screen CTP Equivilents Hi, Thanks for the response's. That's the basis of my question, I realize they are the same hardware and I realize that there are different front ends. We use Esko/Artworks Nexus and produce 1 bit tiffs. We are considering all options, Mark. I will use the Agfa models as...
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    Screen CTP Equivilents

    Does anyone on the forum know how to compare re-badged Screen plate setters (Agfa and Fuji) versus the actual Screen offerings? We are in the process of acquiring a replacement for our old reliable Trendsetter and want to compare offerings apple to apple! Appreciate any help I can get.
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    CS4 Vignette wont rip in Nexus 9.5

    Depends on your work flow... Depends on your work flow... Depending on your work flow, blends/gradations can be converted to ct. The translation is very good and maintains spot color. It also simplifies trapping. One area is in the import module for vector work flow, the other is "Band to...
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    stop copy images for print

    Copy Stop Copy Stop We have a Quark extension, "SecureX Xtreme". Have had no need to use it for quite some time but it works well. Check out DIGICOMP, Inc. Not sure if they make plug-ins for indd though. How I got around that was to create a copy stop "VOID" using Quark, writing ps. and...

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