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    Downsizing from and Igen 4 to KM 1100 Ricoh 9110??

    We run a 1085, if you want to do 200k + clicks a month dont even go there, unless you get some live in techs!
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    Adobe PDF file is damaged. How can it be fixed?

    basically means the file is no good, ive never seen acrobat fix a file it trys to.
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    Using LAB values to create a color chart - what can go wrong?

    Good luck, and you are the printers printing the job? Theres a reason there are spot colours, theres a book to match to. Lab is just another way of defining color, at the end of the day it still has to be mapped back to CMYK, so it heavily relies on the machines you are running.
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    Adobe PDF file is damaged. How can it be fixed?

    pretty vague question, what program made the pdf file? as mentioned, try it again, if its from a microsoft product print it to pdf dont export it, or, print to xps, then save as pdf.
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    Quoting Jobs

    Most printshop market leaders realize about 5%-8% profit. The average printer realizes about 1%-2% profit. Most idiots would run at 1-2% profit, they shouldnt be in business. (im talking printers here, not huge corporations) Stephen points out a good system, cost+, but you also need to think...
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    XMF Characterization Curve Creation

    From what i can see, your target is a standard, ie iso 12467m gracol etc. Your actual is what you are reading, so you need to do an "Actual reading" and then put those values in, then xmf will + or - the values to get to your required standard. We still use xmf 3.xx, and once i set it and...
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    ECRM Launches New CTP Series

    Good, we have had an ECRM mako for 10 years now, still runs good, but not from there support in Australia, we have had some problems with the machine, ones that could have been solved easily, but due to the supplier in Australia all they wanted to do was charge us massive repair bills for...
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    Software used with an X-Rite iO device to analyze color

    doesnt the free i1 share do that?
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    Early Adopters needed for new Print Estimating Software

    I keep getting a bad phone number error, probably because its international, either way, send me the software to beta test, ive used most of them and been estimating for over 10 years, Im sure I can give you some advice or criticism. cheers.
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    Alternative RIP for Konica Minolta B&W printer

    as mentioned, use the printer driver for that machine, lots of options, would do just as well as any third party rip
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    Press Dot Gain help please!!!!!

    so you are saying you got a 34% dot gain from a 32% plate reading and then 66% on the press? Thats huge, i would look at your plate dot reader, sounds like things are way out of whack, you should only get about a 10-15% from there. I doubt its the press, i havent seen any go that bad, and your...
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    Wide Format Printer Recommendations

    Like axelmk said, do you need the prints to last more than 5 years? If not, look at the roland solvent printer and cutting machines, they come with a rip and are well priced.
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    Straight talk about Ricoh Pro c901 registration

    very sorry to say, but, it is a digital machine with no proper feeder and IT WILL ALWAYS MOVE no matter what they say, .5mm is an outrageous claim on heavy board, if you just look at the path the paper takes it has no real stability, ive learned to live with 1-2mm. Compromise seems to be more...
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    to need crack torrent rip v7.2

    hmmm, idiot
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    Best looooong term archiving medium?????????

    solid state hard drive? They are pretty expensive but not prone to moving parts failing like standard hard drives.

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