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  • This is the initial response to that question. I checked with my best printer specialist in this area.
    It is very important to separate the two technologies, and by that I mean, the I-Gen, and Nexpress are
    toner systems, with far more variables , than an ink system-- what they have tried to do, is to take a great press manufacturer Heidelberg, and have them create a toner machine that mirrors a web press. This is not a put down to the toner machines, for most applications, they are far more than just adequate, but, in the end, you will find that the ink unit ( Indigo process) will win out time after time, and as you have experienced regardless of what generation, or series they come out with, even though, workflow wise they are better, the same intrinsic problems will continue to plague you over the long haul.
    that is not to say, that if you are printing very high end specialized work, that manual intervention wouldn't be necessary , even with the Indigo process, and, that would include , all three for that matter.
    My suggestion would be very simple to more than prove the point, I can provide you with not one, but , two HP Indigo's, either to run not so much in tandem,but as in a dual mode, or to have one as an immediate back up. This would ease you into this technology, and such an incredible savings it would be more than worth it (for there would be such little monetary risk. Remember, that the technology is pretty static, on all three of this units, with the software or changing a skin here or there what constitutes a new model.
    This is the offer, and it has been increased for one reason, we will install either two HP Indigo Ultra Stream 2000
    systems, or (3050's) and spend the time necessary to completely train you on not just how to operate these units, and understand this technology, but, to provide that extra step in showing you how to manually control the unit as it is operating to provide you with the end product you desire. That of course will take more time. What you will end up with is the very best ink output, eliminating those things that are of a concern to you. I can be reached via email as well at printmailman@gmail.com
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