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    Best envelope printer?

    We do not have the iJet. I was interested in them and we received samples from the manufacturer. The printing looks fine (acceptable), and the capability to do thick envelopes as well as full bleed envelopes is appealing. However, when I did more research (mainly on this forum), a lot of people...
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    Best envelope printer?

    We are looking to add another envelope printer to our mix and needing some suggestions. We currently have an OKI C942, which we have outgrown. It is just too slow for us when we're trying to print 5000+ full color envelopes with variable data. We previously had a Xante Impressia but hated it -...
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    Graphic Whizard Creasemaster Plus

    We had one for several years, and it ran fine. Sometimes it was hard to set up since both of the guide arms move out from the center instead of one remaining stationery. Also, towards the end of us using one, it seemed to not score consistently in the same location from sheet to sheet. We...
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    Lets help each other with paper cost

    12x18 Blazer 80# Gloss Text - $31.16/M We also receive a 7% rebate, so our final effective price is $28.98/M. I don't order 20# 11x17 enough to know our price/M, but our 8.5x11 price is $6.43/M ($5.98/M after rebate).
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    Corner rounders

    We have a Kustom Corners machine and it is great. It is very easy to use and cut a variety of paper sizes (business cards to full sheets). We had a rush job come in on a Saturday that was due by EOD Sunday and it involved round cornering 24,000 cards (96,000 corners) and the Kustom Corners...
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    Demo-ing Flatbeds and Hybrid

    We have an EFI H1625 and love it. Prints great, fast, little maintenance.
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    If getting back into offset...

    We recently made the switch to all digital (in the last six months) and we'll never look back. Digital is just so much more profitable than offset - less waste, no setup, no chemicals, etc. Especially with the trent towards smaller and smaller runs, its going to get harder and harder to find...
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    Web Portal, Data Merge solution?

    I know that XM Pie from Xerox would solve both of your needs, but I also know that it is an expensive option and don't know if you have that much capital to invest.
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    Work Table

    We recently moved into a larger space purchased the 5' 3" x 13' 1" CWT work table. Our large format guy says its the best thing we've ever purchased. I would definitely look into them.
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    Looking for a great Wide Format Trade Printer

    Have you tried I'm not sure they would be your one-stop-shop for everything you're looking to produce, but they've worked great for us. Most standard orders ship next day with overnight shipping for next to nothing. ($1 per sq ft banners +$10 overnight shipping). Definitely...
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    Versant 3100 and 180

    Yes, from what our Xerox rep tells me: "if the GBC Pro Punch is part of the configuration then the V3100 will not be able to print 26” long media" But we don't usually add that to our color machines because we run everything two-up...
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    Versant 3100 and 180

    Xerox did release the Versant 3100 and Versant 180 today. Both are capable of simplex printing 13" x 26" . . .
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    Looking for an Inposition Program

    I'm also looking for an imposition software that would do swing/combo/dutch layouts for me (instead of manually setting in InDesign). Any suggestions?

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What about Profitability?
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