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    ArtPro pdf file conversion

    Hi Magnus59, with all the attempts I have tried its the keepaway that comes to the fourground of the converted pdf as an object. Anothe prepress company has done the conversion succesfully for us but will not discuss how it is done. Are you suggesting you do it in a two stage process Magnus59 -...
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    ArtPro pdf file conversion!AsoDftHp-U6S0D-npnDwpa2lbiet?e=650cTa
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    ArtPro pdf file conversion

    Yeah I will try, or share an ftp / web link a it is a 183Mb pdf !
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    ArtPro pdf file conversion

    Hello all Prepress people ! I could do with some assistance please. I get six colour pdfs of a carton design that is exported from ArtPro, which is all good and fine. However sometimes I have the need - and I wish I could, convert them to a five colour pdf. That all sounds easy, well it is...
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    CP2000 Network Problem

    Two sheets
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    CP2000 Network Problem

    What! using Prinergy does not mean you are stuck, no, no, no! I hope my notes can help, you might do better at a later date looking into a full Print Colour Management calibration of the press(s). Anyhow I have attached two pdf files, one is from the PMA and is an indepth guide to...
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    CP2000 Network Problem

    Just to get this clear, as it could be misunderstood, you are talking of optimizing the ppf or compensation curves. Well there is a set of compensation curves already in CP2000 for basic characteristics. Or do you mean "how can I do this so I dont have to always adjust a colour channel" or...
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    CP2000 Network Problem

    We shall have to agree to differ, I cannot explain nor will I engage in an argument with the experience you had. For me, in the many installations I have been involved with this has never been the case or issue. I'm sorry that you did, as it works lets leave it, but that has made me wonder why...
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    Silk-Screen Printing

    Hello there, I currently work at plastic manufacture and we silk screen onto cartridges for silicone sealant etc. Pantone colours are fine, tints are possible but try and pick another Pantone shade as flat colour is best. It is possible to possible to print CMYK, but we try and avoid it, however...
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    CP2000 Network Problem

    Hello there, I have tonnes of Heidelberg service notes at home I will put on a further post later if you need it. I will say this first, check the path name in CP2000 on each press, it looks at a folder (which must be named differently) on the PPF interface not the other way round, you are using...
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    EPS and Transparency

    Have you tried printing the pdf down again as postscript. For me this has solved a myriad of problems. In acrobat select a suitable page size, the correct ppd for output enviroment, (check the pdf overprint settings) and save as a postscript file. Ensure your distiller settings are on the...
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    Dot Gain

    Depends, is it all jobs or just a job? Look at your prepress not just in the press room. Could be the water - do you have a reverse osmosis unit? Alcohol balance - test for conductivity. Bad or old blankets Print Speed Roller Pressure too high Water / Damp Mix Naff paper and inks will also...
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    "liquid metallic" or "liquid foil" ink?

    Could it be done as a High Gloss Coating or Varnish on top of the silver. It's an option if your press does not have an inline cold foil units (foilstar, etc)


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