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    iMac or MacPro?

    The mini is only useable in my opinion if you buy a minimum i5 and replace the slow notebook HD with a SSD and max the memory, then it's decent. Also there a places like OWC and Mac of All Trades that sell very nice and usable used MacPro's that will get the job done nicely for years to come.
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    Preps Update for Mac OS X Mavericks

    Wow Freehand MX! There's a blast from the past.
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    Creep, how do you calculate it?

    Just wondering how others calculate creep. We recently printed a 76 page saddle stitched booklet and the creep did not produce what I would consider a great result even with the scaling feature. As a Preps user I use what Kodak suggests, total pages divided by 4 times paper thickness. In this...
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    Problem with my Epson Pro 9800 ! Advise needed !

    Have you ran a head cleaning cycle lately?
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    I hate my black screen angle...

    Screen Angles Screen Angles I'm using 240lpi with the attached screen angles. This is with Prinergy 5.1.
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    Screen Ruling / LPI

    Quick question.. What sort of LPI are you using for process color that is printed on uncoated paper? Anyone having success with 175 - 200 lpi? We're using a 5 color 20 x 28 Komori with Kodak Thermal Direct plates. Thanks!
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    CS5 Problems

    I would use Acrobat Pro and Pitstop.
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    Mac OS 10.6.3 vs Prinergy Evo 3.2.6

    Java downgrade Java downgrade The method in the link below worked fine for me with Mac OS 10.6 and Prinergy Direct. Be sure not to not install any Java updates when they are detected via the Software Updater. Otherwise you'll have to go through the procedure again. OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard -...
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    Komori issue

    Jim Davis at IGS services our Komori L528. 513-339-1447
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    Intel Mac upgrade

    Intel Mac Intel Mac I'm using a 8 core Mac Pro running 10.6.5. I use CS5, Acrobat 9, Prinergy 4.1, Preps 5.3, Pitstop 10, Suitcase Fusion 3, Office 2008 with *no* issues at all.
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    Spot Gloss issues

    We usually do a spot gloss varnish on dull coated stock and the result looks good.
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    Back up And Archiving ....ideas

    Re: Back up And Archiving ....ideas Abe, What is the brand of DVD jukebox your using? Thanks, --tom
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    Ready for some football?

    Re: Ready for some football? As a Colts season ticket holder I'd say so far so good! --dd


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