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    Ricoh c9200 Print Quality Issue

    Hi Troy, did you get a resolution to this problem ?
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    Ricoh C9200+C7200 v Xerox Iridesse

    You can only feed one at a time through bypass tray on 9200 and only to 216 gsm. The Iridesse will do full coverage at 1200mm with 30 sheets at a time, if you want, up to 400gsm, how many jobs at this size? Well already can think of a few in the education space, and taking a lot off our roland...
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    Ricoh C9200+C7200 v Xerox Iridesse

    Somethings to watch out for ! We have also been offered the 9200 and 7200 instead of the Iridesse. I spent a whole day looking at the Ricoh machines. Good prints came off both, 9200 will print 470 gsm but there was a lot of noise going through the 9200. They claimed it takes a couple of minutes...
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    Xerox Iridesse jams and Fiery communicartion loss

    That sounds like a IP address issue, like a conflict with another device on your network with same IP address.
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    Need help new Digital Press

    I would have to say Xerox Versant series seem to be most stable and reliable in my opinion. I have used Ricoh, KM, even HP Indigo. I find Xerox easier to use and there is no issues with color. You mite like the Versant 180 as well. the registration is semi auto, but is still good. With a fully...
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    Konica Minolta KM1 / Komori Impremia IS29

    From what i see when i go to a printshop with the KM1, it is a top quality print, but for 2 million you need to run it almost 24/7. Also uses a lot of power compared to others like the FujiFilm 750. They have a problem with ink congealing in the ink lines going into the print heads, along with...
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    New Printer vs Second Hand Printer

    Hi mr203, the xerox 242, was never going to cut it. Did you decide on that machine ? Or was it recommended ? If you want a second hand machine thats fine. But still have a service contract. It all depends on your volume of prints per month, the type of work your doing, but i would still try...
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    Ricoh C9200+C7200 v Xerox Iridesse

    Your Spot on Shaare! i have been apart of digital printing for 20 years now, and find some special colours are not worth it. Except for Clear, Gold and silver i don't see anything else making enough money to worry about. Don't get conned by fancy stuff. What i look for is a solid machine, a...

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