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    Xerox C70 Toner Dispenser issues, and no support from Xerox in Mexico

    Hi everyone, I've wrote a thread a few years back, as we were looking to purchase a C70 for our office in Mexico. Under the offering from the authorized dealer, we purchased a C70 REMAN unit. After the first 4 months, the cyan toner dispenser begin failing, and we had to call in for service. We...
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    Morgana AutoCut Pro or Duplo DC-616

    Hello everyone, We own a Xerox c70 and a Challenge Spartan 185 A. We were looking to purchase an automatic creaser, a folding machine, and a business card cutter, but we are now thinking an integrated Slitter / Cutter / Creaser and a folding machine might be the way to go. We don't need top of...
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    In house press: Versant 180, Versant 80, or c70

    Just as an update. We ended up buying the C70 Remanufactured. We really wanted the V180, but I think we are going to get our feet wet with one. Once we have, we can trade it in. Here is the configuration: Booklet Maker Finisher (Light Production Finisher with Booklet Maker) 2 Tray Oversized...
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    In house press: Versant 180, Versant 80, or c70

    We'll get to 30-45k a month in the next 24 months. Locality is still and issue. We have made the decision to move forward, and are comfortable with the decision. We actually got a heck of a deal on all these, are they are not new, but REMAN. Less than 6k for all of them, with warranty. We are...
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    In house press: Versant 180, Versant 80, or c70

    Thank you everyone for the feedback. in our calculations we are expecting 15k flyers a month on the first deployment, this will grow x 3 in the next 24 months. So we think the volume will be there. The real reason we are considering is because the locations we are deploying in, are not large...
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    In house press: Versant 180, Versant 80, or c70

    Hello everyone, This would be our first post on these forums, but we have spent a good deal of time reading the different threads with regards to both the Xerox c70 and Versant 180. We are a new Internet Service Provider in Mexico, and need the ability to print materials in house. We will be...

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