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    Heaviest coverage towards gripper or tail??? The age old debate...

    So I have been in prepress and setting up layouts for over 20 years now and I have had press operators request that work be laid out with the heaviest coverage towards the gripper and I have had others say they prefer it towards the tail. The only logical response I have ever gotten was from a...
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    Oris Proof Verification issues

    Thanks for everyone's responses, I have gone thru everything and firmware is up to date, removed cleaned and re-set ILS, changed the time out time to the max time on the Epson (thanks for that tip Johu), re-aligned spectro. The odd thing with this is that I just did a media re-calibration and...
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    Oris Proof Verification issues

    I am running Oris Color Tuner/Web version 3.1 and we have been getting a lot spectro communication failed errors between the software and our Epson 9900. This basically makes it so Oris will not read and verify the verification scale. I can sometimes re-align the spectro then reboot the Epson...
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    Direct Drive HP Z6200 from Nexus 9.5.7

    Has anyone tried to print RTL data from Nexus 9.5.7 to the new HPZ6200. I am trying to figure out if we need to get the P.S. version or the "dumb" version. Thanks in advance for any info.
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    Kodak Veris Proofer for sale

    Well we still have out Veris proofer for sale. Best offer takes it. PM me for more info.
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    Kodak Trillian SP Plate-wear

    The Trillian plate boasts of having a high level of chemical resistance.. there is a video on YouTube that shows a test where many different types of chemicals were dropped on a Trillian plate with most of them doing nothing to the image. I have been thinking about doing a trial with Trillian...
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    Need Help Digitizing old negatives into electronic files

    We have used Eprep in Utah, super nice people and have one of the last surviving Eskofot copy dot scanners. Here is their website: Eprep: Copydot, Scanning, Prepress Good Luck, Dub
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    NEC vs. Eizo vs. Apple

    Well it is time to replace our aging 23" Cinema displays and was wondering if anyone uses any of the NEC spectra View monitors and what their opinion was of them. I am pretty much down to the NEC Display MultiSync LCD2690W2-BK-SV LCD Monitor and the new Eizo ColorEdge CG243W. On the way...
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    EFI Colorproof XF spot color overprints...I'm not happy!

    I too use EFI Color proof XF 3.1 and have struggled with this. In talking with the guys at Chromaticity they tell me that version 4.0 handles spot color overprints much better. While I have not gotten my upgrade yet, I can't confirm or deny unfortunately. One thing that they did tell me is...
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    PDF Workflow

    Ripit, While I can't actually speak from experience when it comes to the PDF rip side since we have not upgraded ours yet, talking with the guys at Esko they say it is similar in respect to Artpro in that you what you see on the normalized PDF should be the same on the plates.. but there is...
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    PDF Workflow

    Ripit: I think I understand your question and hopefully I can give you what my 2 cents would be. We also use Nexus and currently have the Nexus Import, Processor and Rip modules. For most of our jobs we also use a Raster, Trap, Link workflow that produces CT/LW and the associated EPS link...
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    Project management software for Packaging Prepress / Planning

    I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations or a good Project Management software to track new packaging projects. Basically I am looking for something that engineering, sales, customer service and Prepress can collaborate on for new projects. Basically it would track structural samples...
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    Eye one uv or non uv version for profiles

    Thanks for the Reply Mike: you are correct in that in the near future we are going to be reading proofs and verifying to a standard data set but as Werby points out, getting a proofing stock with no optical brighteners added would be an idea as well. Werby: not sure if you have found this out...
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    Eye one uv or non uv version for profiles

    I am looking at upgrading my DTP-45 to an eye one and the i1i0 table and was wondering if I could get away with the non-uv eye one for profiling of proofers and press sheets. Currently we are running EFI colorproof XF and I under measuring devices I don't see it asking for eye one uv, it just...
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    GFI ink mixer and Pantone "tweaked" recipe names per stock

    Thanks for the Reply Bob. We are trying to start up our spread sheet in a similar fashion but I have question for you. How do you designate in production the formula number that is to be used? Does your prepress use the formula number vs. the Pantone number in their files, proofs, plates or...

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