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    What keeps you up at night?

    Re: What keeps you up at night? The thought of still being in prepress in 2010 keeps me up at night.
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    Alternatives to Punisher I mean Publisher

    Re: Alternatives to Punisher I mean Publisher I have to agree with Judy. The biggest issue is that real designers use a real graphic design program. All the upgrades to publisher in the world won't help us production people much until the office people with publisher learn how to create a...
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    General Xitron Questions

    Re: General Xitron Questions We just met with our owner, things are going to get worse by the looks of it. We are returning the Prism, Genesis also wants the rip that came with it. After the 2 month install, that machine was finally set up as the machine that controlled our entire workflow...
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    General Xitron Questions

    Re: General Xitron Questions Thanks for your replies and willingness to help out. Eric and Bret, you may be getting a call from me soon. Our install guys are coming in tomorrow (Thur. Oct 11), and I may just give one of you a call if the answers these guys give isn't in line with what you've...
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    General Xitron Questions

    Based on a lack of training and a completely screwed up install, I'm not sure if our issues are problems inherent with Xitron or just specific to us. First, the trapping. We've been told that you really can't preview or change trap in a ripped job. There is a rip with trap preview option that...
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    25 Skills Every Man Should Know:

    Re: 25 Skills Every Man Should Know: Back up data, lol. Might as well put read instructions, ask for directions, and wax their bikini line on there too.
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    Greatest Rock Album of All Times

    Re: Greatest Rock Album of All Times Dude, if you were getting ban threats for posting topic relevant stuff, then nobody from the old PPF has a chance of lasting long around here.
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    Greatest Rock Album of All Times

    Re: Greatest Rock Album of All Times OK, sorry for that "Hysteria" comment. Lets go with "Girls Girls Girls". That one was pretty good all the way through. Or Chuck Berry's Greatest Hits.
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    How many jobs do you complete in one day?

    Re: How many jobs do you complete in one day? Depends a lot on the job too. Some days several easy jobs go through smoothly, pick up and re-plate, business card imprints, etc... I can go through a stack of job tickets before lunch. Then some days are like yesterday, I spent pretty much all...
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    Miss the old PrepressForums

    Re: Miss the old PrepressForums It seems like this is another mountain that started as a mole hill. (whatever you do, don't mention the quark forums - can I say p0rn here?)
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    Re: Dynastrip May very well be a training issue, that's why I posted. I hoped I had just missed something, from what I've heard so far it seems to be a flaw with the program. The move from Rampage came as I moved to a new shop. Started at this place with PS/M, got a Brisque off ebay (which...
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    Re: Dynastrip > {quote:title=Angstboy wrote:}{quote} > Poor miserable Duck, Xitron AND Dynstrip...when will the torment ever end? Yeah, the same workflow as you have I guess, which would explain your nick. I'm guessing that the answer to my question is to just keep changing all the print...
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    Time Out

    Re: Time Out Who's running the "ban pool" anyway? I wanna get my $5 in on Pointy before someone else hits the jackpot!
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    Introduce yourself!

    Re: Introduce yourself! Hi, I'm duck. I'm a prepress grunt. I've tried to get help, but I'm still a slave to the industry. I started in 1989 doing some simple paste-up stuff, made a few paper plates, nothing serious. Eventually I moved on to plating and proofing, which of course led to...
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    I don't see a Dynastrip discussion area, so I'm going to ask this in here. Is there a way to have Dynastrip remember page sizes and output location in the print dialog area? I'm really getting sick of having to change both of these every time I go back to print a job. It defaults to the page...

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