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    Looking for a Imposition solution

    We don't have a license for Automation Engine. The thing with Esko is that we need to have these custom dynamic marks that we call bearer bars and there needs to be a handful of different kinds depending on the application. With Esko all the licenses are separate and a PITA. Maybe I'm wrong...
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    Looking for a Imposition solution

    Nested templates are going to be when you've got custom die shapes that are placed to take up the entire sheet or cylinder in our case. They are not the ordinary grid pattern steps. I could achieve this in XMF by overlapping the template placeholders in the imposition. I think Preps may have...
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    Looking for a Imposition solution

    I neglected to mention we're on Macs. It doesn't appear to be able to handle nested templates either. Thanks tho!
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    Looking for a Imposition solution

    We are a label maker and have been manually stepping impositions to normalized PDF for Flexo plates in Illustrator. Trapping is done by Esko plugins. We use specific bearer bars that can change depending on a standard flat label to a booklet onsert or multiply labels. Some labels we produce...

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