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    Nuarc Flip-top Platemaker

    The print shop I work at is currently selling their Nuarc Flip-top Platemaker (FT32V3UP). Everything is in working condition, we're selling it because we've upgrade to another platemaker and this is just taking up space. We're asking $500 OBO, it's a steal compared to the $3,000+ price tags I've...
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    Card Printing Infographic

    I'm not sure this qualifies as an "infographic", I always considered those to be full of trivia information like "In 1999, 12 billion plastic cards were issued in the U.S.", things like that. But it looks good, only thing I'd change is the typo next to magnetic cards, you forgot a "G" in...
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    Kodak struggles - it's not getting better

    "The video is telling", video is also why Kodak is in the dump LOL
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    Artwork Guidelines

    Also neglected to mention WHY he's posting these guidelines lol is he looking for feedback or posting someone else's for us to mock?
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    So,what are hobbies away from work???

    Not people, I hope.
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    Ryobi Gone

    According to the article I linked in my first response, Xpedx will still service Ryobi machines, they're just not selling them anymore.
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    Ryobi Gone

    Our Presstek tech was just in the shop, he said he hadn't heard anything about Ryobi canceling with Presstek.
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    Ryobi Gone

    I saw an article in American Printer about this, xpedx, Ryobi end distribution agreement | American Printer ... doesn't seem like too big a deal? If I understood right, Xpedx simply decided not to distribute Ryobi anymore, and Ryobi has already been picked up by another distributor, Ferrostaal...
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    digital watermarking

    I think the easiest and most standard way to send a digital proof is to create the low-quality version. Yes, details will be soft, but this doubles as both a deterrent and a reminder that it is not print-quality. You should also not be doing spec work to begin with, this is the #1 biggest...
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    Apple 10.6.8 Update

    I also had a problem recently, one of the printers in my queue would magically pause itself, even after I clicked "resume". After browsing around Apple's support forums, I tried one idea that worked for the person asking, but it deleted ALL my printers for me :( I wasted a good hour getting...
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    It's the prohibitive cost of letterpress that's causing it's own demise. These last few years, the ultimate decision maker has been keeping costs down, and anything fancy is the first thing on the chopping block. Unless you actively pursue the high-end customers who are willing to pony up the...
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    Nearing the Edge

    i quit the last job where I felt the boss was inept. Then I spent the following year unemployed lol
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    At the Press Approval

    I believe that's Ms. First timer lol
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    Question about yearbook printing

    I'm sorry but how did you bid on this contract when you don't even know how much you're going to put into it? How did you come up with the quote? This doesn't make sense to me.
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    Sourcing heavy card stock papers (14-16pt)

    Right now I only need a ream of letter-size to keep handy as I don't currently have any jobs that require it.

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