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    GLV for PRT 8900 S new, used or with defects

    yes i can help i fix these
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    Agfa Avalon VLF laser power supply question

    Do you repair boards
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    Agfa’s Robot Automates Plate Loading

    I cannot find info
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    Did you get the manual?
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    Agfa Avalon VLF laser power supply question

    I normally just replace. Have many parts
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    Agfa Avalon LF Thermal platesetter won't take plate

    You can test by moving plate a quarter inch to the left or right. I specialize in this machine. If that works either left or right, I can go online with teamviewer and fix the problem
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    Roland CJ-500 problem

    You can try cleaning the encoder plastic strip.
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    Roland CJ-500 problem

    The head is not separating from the cutter, Did you adjust the pressure on the carriage wire?
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    Apogge, tiff 1 Bit Files

    So the ethernet cable comes from the computer directly? Is this a new install?
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    Apogge, tiff 1 Bit Files

    There is usually a blue or black box that connects the rip to the screen device.(Agfa Avalon) What is the exact model number.
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    Apogge, tiff 1 Bit Files

    A raster Blaster should work just fine. Is there an interface box?
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    Apogge, tiff 1 Bit Files

    Do you have a interface box that goes from apogee to the box.
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    Agfaset page spacing

    I believe intergap spacing is in the accuset control panel
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    Apogge, tiff 1 Bit Files

    You need a dongle called open connect option. That sends one bitt tiffs.
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    My CTP Avalon n4 stays in "memory checking" forever

    Can you get to the secret menu on start-up

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