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    No Budget for Training

    Cool idea! Then you can allow the possibility of someone with bad habits passing them on to your entire crew. Excellent.
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    Service Call

    The Zen of Technical Support - "To solve the problem, you must be the problem".
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    cutting from Illustrator to Mutoh

    I searched all over the web, even usenet groups, but found nothing. Sorry. I did find a place to look at and download the manual HERE and it does look like the plugin is for a PC (Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator). Seems the plugin is on the CD that should come with the device. I did not find a...
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    Database label software

    You may want to have a look at this ---> Variable Data Printing, Variable Data Printing Software - Esko Dynamic VDP for Adobe® Illustrator®. It is a plugin for Ai from which you can export your multiple variations of the design. You can download a free trial. Good luck.
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    Field Service Technician Jobs at ESKO

    There are jobs available with Esko. Check them out here ---> Search results | Find available job openings at Danaher You can filter by country and job types.
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    Job Posting with Esko - online

    Esko is hiring in several areas. Look Here.
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    Barcode Software

    If you are doing your design work in Adobe Illustrator then Esko's Dynamic Content may work for you. Using XML and Esko Deskpack plugins for Ai you can generate barcodes and more. Here's the info ---> Good of luck in your quest.
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    Esko Share & Approve honored with first award at EFIA 2020 Awards

    This innovative software runs as a service on Esko cloud architecture and enables users to upload, share, annotate and approve packaging and labels jobs in 2D and hyper realistic 3D in a secure environment. Easy to setup, easy to use. Read about this here. To start a free 30 day trial or...
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    Esko WebCenter 20 has been released.

    Find all the documentation including the "What's New?" here --> Product Documentation - Esko
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    Why not go to the source? Contact Esko Support - Esko
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    Trapping in pitstop

    Pretty sure there's no trapping in PitStop, but we'll see when ABC comments. In the meantime if you do any of your work in Illustrator then Esko has these Ai plugins called 'DeskPack' which includes trapping within Ai. You can download a free trial (get the Advanced version) here ---> DeskPack...
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    Editing a Normalized PDF in Illustrator

    To open and save Normalized PDF in Adobe Illustrator use Esko Data Exchange plugin for Ai. Free Esko plugin - Free Software - Esko
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    File Sharing / Storage / Sync

    My first thought was just a simple FTP site which is something you or your IT people could easily setup. My second thought goes contrary to your criteria but could be a great solution for you. It’s Esko’s Share and Approve web-based solution. It offers secure file exchange, drag and drop...
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    Esko Virtual Training Classroom Posted (to end of year 2020)

    The schedule for the rest of 2020 for Esko's online classrooms has been posted. ---> Academy Classes Product Trainings Include: Automation Engine - Basic and Advanced WebCenter - Basic and Advanced ArtiosCAD - Introduction and Advanced ArtiosCAD - Advanced Resizable Design Tools Studio...
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    Esko Vs. Caldera: Trying to change the companies process

    Esko has standalone applications for setting up step and repeat and adding marks etc.. (Plato, ArtPro+) for which you can get multiple user licenses. I sense that much of what you do could be automated through workflows that can be setup in Automation Engine which uses a central server with...

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