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    Acrobat DC - PAINfully SLOW!

    Was just reading this 'older' thread... just wondering if this issue was resolved and what caused it?
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    Plate Chemistry

    Lol... I don't know, I'm not a printer... mainly demineralised water and some additive that all printing presses use. My point is, chem-free plates work well for us, straight from the image setter onto the press.
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    Plate Chemistry

    I haven't used any chemistry for almost 10 years now, just whatever chemistry is used on the press itself.
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    Standalone Layout Software

    I second this suggestion… great software. Also 'Quite a Box of Tricks' from the same company is worth every penny...
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    weight to GSM conversion pdf?

    I never got that weird US weight system for paper... neither do I get Ounces, Yards, Tea and tablespoons and fractional inches... way to complicated. You missed a chance there to go metric in the seventies.
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    Married to the Press

    And don't forget to give her a good 'service' now and then...
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    Imposition Proofing (offset)

    What stops you from using both systems? I'm sure you can hook up more than one proof printer to your system?
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    Comdoc !!Warning!!

    Sounds like any copier sales person I have ever had the 'pleasure' to talk to...
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    Hermann Zapf has passed away at the age of 96

    It's been on the wishlist on my Apple TV for years now... never got around to it, but it's about time I watch it... thanks for the reminder :-)
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    Hermann Zapf has passed away at the age of 96

    Thanks for posting that video... I enjoyed it. The world has lost a great designer.
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    Print Planet is slow

    Restarted your router? And is Print Planet the only slow site? Maybe empty Cache in your browser… also slow in a different browser?
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    Which printer to use?

    This questions is over two years old... He's probably already out of business.
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    Envelope Printing - Oki, Xante, Ricoh?!

    Just FYI, I run two Xante Ilumina's (not Impressia), and they work great with envelopes, but they DO emboss them... Could be that the Impressia doesn't., can't help you there. I'm thinking they might have tweaked a fuser for demonstration purposes. I have heard you can reduce the tension of the...
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    Xante Illumina Heavyweight Champion

    Don't just compare the printer price, also compare toner and drum prices. It could very well be that the Xante drums and toners are cheaper than the OKI ones (weird as that sounds) and if so, you might be cheaper off with the Xante.
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    Xante Illumina Heavyweight Champion

    I don't have any experience with the new heavyweight champion model. I do have experience with the older Illumina 502. We have two of them, and they are great machines, but they do have their quirks (as do all machines). They will run 400 grams pretty well though. Sometimes color registration on...

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What about Profitability?
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