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    running os 10.6 vm on 10.10 el capitan

    Big Al: Sound like you got Preps 5 running in the 10.6 VirtualBox. Any issues with the dongle being recognized?
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    Automation Engine - worth it or not?

    On the plus side, maybe you can look for a job setting up other shop's automation engines after you are replaced.
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    Production Scheduling Procedure

    I built a simple electronic schedule system in Google Apps. It is actually very easy using Google Sites and a To Do list. You can set up the list with as many columns as you like for Date, Job number, Customer, job status, etc., then use text fields, check boxes and drop-down menus to set info...
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    PitStop Pro compatibility with Acrobat DC

    Where is that external plugins folder and how would I force Pitstop to install there instead of the hidden folder?
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    PitStop Pro compatibility with Acrobat DC

    If you temporarily move your XI out of the applications folder, then DC will not overwrite it when installing. Keep zipped versions of previous Acrobat/Pitstop installs somewhere else on your system. just in case.
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    Down and dirty color (management)

    Just got a proposal from our prepress supplier (a certain large Japanese company) to rebuild and upgrade our Oris proofer RIP. Their G7 expert would also profile two print conditions and set us up with ColorPath Sync for one year. Cost: $15,000. Upon reading that I thought that instead, maybe I...
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    Oris re-install: upgrade or no?

    Looks like we are probably going to purchase a new Oris Color Tuner RIP at this point. Not looking forward to rebuilding the profiles, etc., but I can't get even close to a contract proof right now.
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    Apple Color Sync Utility

    Has anyone had any luck using Apple Color Sync Utility to edit custom profiles for output? I am thinking that if I start with a stock Proofing Paper profile I might be able to edit the Table to apply some general corrections. If not, what is this Utility good for?
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    cheap digital envelope "press"?

    Occasionally (more and more often) we need a short run (up to 500) of 4-color or variable data envelopes. Although our KM C8000 and BizHub 601 cannot do it, I discovered that our little desktop Canon MFP runs #10 envelopes fine, although very slowly, no jamming (knock on wood) and no embossing...
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    Best looooong term archiving medium?????????

    Gordo is not joking, I think. Although it might be more expensive than digital storage, printed photos stored in a safe, dark location will probably last hundreds of years or more, and your future generations will need no technology whatsoever to access it.
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    How Do You VDP?

    Yes, thanks for clarifying that DCurry. I had almost forgotten about the Fusion Pro InDesign plugin, since I never use it. Just the Acrobat plugin.
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    How Do You VDP?

    InDesign Data Merge works well, but the PDFs it creates tend to be very large, not practical for sets of thousands of records. You can of course break up the job into ranges of records to make smaller PDFs. We use Fusion Pro for larger jobs. It creates very streamlined PDFs, as well as PPML...
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    Oris re-install: upgrade or no?

    Our Oris RIP computer died painfully from a power surge last week (of the seven computers in my department it was the only one without a battery/surge protector). It was an old version of Oris Color Tuner, c. 2005 on a Windows XP server. So, complete reinstall and reconfiguration is needed. Only...
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    Gradient breaks in Printing

    Banding in some areas could be a calibration issue.
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    banding in latex vs UV inkjet

    A Ricoh salesman was very honest with us about the issue of banding in latex wide format, suggesting that tight temperature and humidity controls in the space as well as heating controls in the printer were necessary to prevent it. I have good reason to believe him, but now I am wondering about...

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