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    Ricoh 7200 vs Canon C910

    I've only had Ricoh till now. C900 then C901, now C7100. I'm concerned about the Canon C910 making us as happy as we have been with the Ricoh.
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    Ricoh 7200 vs Canon C910

    Our volume will either stay about where it is or go up.
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    Ricoh 7200 vs Canon C910

    I'm looking at replacing a Ricoh 7100 that's at the end of the lease. My vendor is pushing a Canon C910. Is it comparable to a Ricoh 7200?
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    Square back booklets

    Do the books require face trimming after running through the square folder?
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    Xante Warning

    I should mention the Impressia we're looking at is a Ricoh-based machine.
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    Xante Warning

    I'm considering the Impressia for #10 & #9 envelopes. What kind of speeds do you get? Will be doing runs of 500 to 25,000. Mostly under 2500. Any quality issues? Thanks

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