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    Adobe CC Alternative The CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8

    @Tim-Ellis: I remember that the menus and shortcuts are re-configurable; in my instance I may work on several workstations (not mine) during the day. This is when the changing shortcuts become an issue for me. However, I agree with your point about the CC needing to be more modular or having an...
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    Adobe CC Alternative The CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8

    While I don’t buy David’s argument entirely, I think he does have somewhat interesting insights. I feel he’s comparing apples to oranges (no pun intended), when comparing a company that makes displays and wraps to a regular printing company. There are far too many variables in each company (even...
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    Variable Data Printing with an HP Scitex 15500 Inkjet Corrugated Press

    Hello All, My company bought a 15500 press about a year ago. One of my own initiatives was to see if there was a relatively simple way to produce small run variable data (<500 pcs) boxes. We have the Adobe Creative Cloud, Esko ArtPro and Caldera V10 RIP. I was initially thinking about doing a...
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    Newspapers fastest shrinking industry in US...

    FWIW, I just cancelled my paper after 13+ years of subscription. Our local paper, the Grand Rapids Press, had this idea to limit deliveries to subscribers to three days a week, while still producing a daily for the newsstands. As a bonus(?), subscribers would get an e-Edition of the daily. I...
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    Platerite 8xxx? Need opinion.

    My old company had an 8100, very reliable machine. We leased ours through Kodak in the USA (this was before Kodak resold the Creo platesetters as the Magnus line in North America). We did not have a service contract, but we did have the Screen-approved service technician visit twice per year for...
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    Resolution Factor

    It happened again. This morning I was sent a small container (packaging) job that was completely created in Photoshop. It came to me as an RGB image 150 PPI at 100% size. Lots of hard lines and small type. I now have to send a reply email explaining why I can't use this file. This never gets...
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    Resolution Factor

    If you'll note, the OP said "photos and graphics". Graphics is where I have a bone to pick with folks. At the lower end, there are far too many folks using Photoshop for page layout and composition duties. Last week I criticized a poster on this board for using Photoshop in that manner, and we...
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    What machine do you own?

    Currently, a Nexpress 2500. At a previous job Xerox 250
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    art placement... pls help

    Both dabob and X33 have a point. In our current environment, you cannot use one program to do everything you need to do effectively. I get why people think that Photoshop can do so much, but the reality is that it is still fairly limited. For lack of a better example, it's not unlike trying to...
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    Xerox docucolor 240 Spolling problem

    It's been a while since I had a 240 series Xerox and I don't remember how big my spool files were anymore. 2.5 GB sounds huge, I could see why the RIP could take a long time to process them. If this is a common size of your files, you could approach Xerox about an upgrade to the memory of the...
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    Komori picture framing

    About five years ago the company I used to work for switched from conventional Kodak Craftsman plates to Sword Excel CTP plates, and we had a picture framing issue. It was a pretty sticky problem, one we never completely fixed. One of the theories had to do with the oscillators on the L528 we...
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    Xerox docucolor 240 Spolling problem

    First, make sure something didn't happen to your connection to the network. Does it show on the network, or can you see it from your computers? If not, check your cables. If you can see it, try shutting down the machine and restarting the RIP and the 242. (I'm assuming you have the bundled...
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    Screen PlateRite Error - E5139

    I used to have a random issue with our Screen 8100 and Kodak Sword Excel plates. It seemed that there was a sensor that determined if the plate was still on the cylinder (or not!) and it was very sensitive to the color of the emulsion used on the plates. Occasionally, Kodak would make minor...
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    envelope printing...

    Spigot: "Or is it a waste of time..... are volumes in massive decline due to ipads and the like?" Good question. I think everyone else is asking that question, too. In the company I work for now, we mostly outsource all of our envelopes to a specialized printer near us. Occasionally, we will...
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    Screen Javelin 8600 or Kodak Magnus 800? What would you choose?

    @NJService: 100% Spot on. It's hard to beat the value of a Screen platesetter.

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