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    5th color station weigh-in

    we use it all the time on our Ricoh 7110
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    Invisibe pdfs???

    all of a sudden,everytime I make a PDF and try to copy to the server it goes INVISIBLE? any ideas why????
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    At the place that I work and all the other places over my career (almost 40 yrs) prepress has always created the imposition from scratch using a program like Preps or in the old days we would draw a rule out for all jobs. and yes....prepress has to know what press, bindery and any other...
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    Formax ColorMax 7 Ink Cartridges - NEW

    Can you PM me your contact info please?
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    Formax ColorMax 7 Ink Cartridges - NEW

    Interested...where you located? and just curious?...why you selling them?....getting rid of machine??
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    31 years in offset...

    Hey mailguru....send your work to us!!!
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    Who images plates? have a schedule? we did.....ours is by the seat of the pressroom managers pants
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    Who images plates?'s prepress...mostly me....(3 person dept)
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    Formax ColorMax 7 Memjet head floods with ink.

    Sounds like you need a head replacement
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    printer for short run #10 envelopes

    Contact Don Bonin at Total Office at 813-886-3401... we got a colormax inkjet printer with a envelope feeder and works great......ran 10,000 today
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    Printing Envelopes on Xerox 700 or any digital press

    try this try this Look into a ColorMax ink jet with an envelope great...its inkjet...but does a good job
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    Business Jargon

    How about "thats the way we always have done it".....

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What about Profitability?
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