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    Low Odor UV Coating Fluid

    I have been hearing a lot of complaints about UV Coating fluid smelling up print shops. One person contacted us about being an expert in a complaint by his neighbor who is bringing a suit against him for his smelly UV Coating fluid. There is a solution called REVO UV Coating Fluid, it is low...
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    Booklet maker

    If you are doing low volume, the other to consider is an MBM Autobook Booklet Maker. Its low cost and would do what you need to do.
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    Cutter / Slitter / Creaser

    Did you look at the MBM G2? It's actually pretty fast and should hold the stacks you are needing.
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    UV Coating Fluid for Sale

    5 Gallon Low Odor REVO Matte UV Coating on sale for $249.99. Works on HP Indigo Press and Xerox iGen printers.
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    Looking for a new hydraulic cutter any suggestions?

    We just purchased a new Triumph Hydraulic Paper Cutter. Has multiple pre-sets, so we can train anyone to cut with it. (They just have to make sure they turn the paper the right way). They don't have to calculate the measurements.
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    Dull UV Coating

    It's no different than stirring up paint before you roll on the wall. You definitely want it at room temperature.
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    What are my options for folding?

    It all depends on the weight of your paper. A Tabletop Folder will work fine if you are simply printing regular paper and folding it. They can handle 500 folds in minutes. Martin Yale, MBM and Formax all have good paper folders to do that. If you are printing heavier stock, you will need a...
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    Dull UV Coating

    We have tried different coatings and have found this brand to be particularly good. REVO Coatings Matte . Also, make sure your coatings are shaken real well and at room temperature before you run them through your machine.
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    UV Coater: TecLighting vs Duplo

    You should also consider American Ultraviolet. They just purchased Al's Co and Press Specialties. Their machines are American made and have available parts. If you are going to Graph Expo in Chicago, I know they will have a booth there.
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    Is the Death of Offset Near?

    Yeah - I believe LG just announced a new screen that can rolled up like a poster. It's an LED HD screen which could totally change the game for in-store displays.
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    The Consultant

    You need to do your due diligence before you hire. Some are good, some are bad. There are good consultants out there that can provide insight we sometimes can't see when our heads in are in the business.
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    Glueing Sheets?

    There is another approach you could consider. We had a similar project and used a double sided adhesive film that stuck 2 pieces together. It was obviously less of a mess. (Hey that rhymes).
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    UV Coater with KM - Tec vs Duplo

    Have you considered an Al's Co Machine. They are economical to Tec Lighting and 100% made in the USA, so parts and service would not be an issue. You can also get automatic feeds too.
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    Tec Lighting UV coater and venting question

    We used to use tec lighting uv coating and have switch to a new fluid that is low odor. There is a big difference. The old fluid would smell the place up. The new one does not.
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    Tech Lighting Uv Coating Machines

    Lloyds of Indiana carries Tech Lighting UV Coating Machines and Supplies. We also provide lifetime service on anything you purchase from us. You can always call us, or send a PM if you have any questions.

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