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    Quick Question - Click Charge

    Sounds like trim marks are set to "registration" rather than black. I have also found that if you open some black vector images that the designer has left a tiny element in rich black or most often an outline was rich black. If the machine clicks color there is color on the sheet somewhere.
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    Konica monilta 6136(black and white) need help with gray

    Yes. ALL printers are like that. Color machines blend the dots (or lines) of each color at different angles so it is difficult to see. Are you printing with a Fiery RIP? If so, see if you have a screen setting of FM or stochastic. That is a tiny random dot pattern and can look much smoother.
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    Magnet Information

    With fridge magnets you are dealing with shear force. The holding ability for the shear direction is a combination of magnetic pull and surface friction. Therefore there isn't a universal answer. Each manufacturer or product will be different and you are at their mercy to provide accurate info...
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    Paper Pricing

    Your prices are not out of line, but you don't mention your volume. It's always good to get prices from another company on a competitive product. Sometimes you find a good alternative for less money. Sometimes it's just a good tool to get some competitive price adjustment on your current sheet.
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    Konica monilta 6136(black and white) need help with gray

    You answered your own question. It's a black and white machine so a dot or linear screen is the only option. Your customer wants a color build from a color machine (at color prices).
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    Conventional film/processor issue

    Light leak. Laser intensity. Line voltage issues affecting processor speed. Pre-exposure of material from the factory. (That one nearly drove me over the edge.)
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    Riso Unveils Valezus—t2100 Inkjet Printer

    Just to be clear, that's 160 letter sheets a minute duplex or simplex. Unless they reduce ink costs I don't see this as a print for pay solution as the print costs can easily exceed toner based equipment.
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    Ricoh 7200 Keeps Hesitating...

    What, if anything, differed in the settings of the two jobs?
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    Command Workstation: Using a separate file for a common side

    True, but why try refeeding sheets full of static when you can do it in one pass.
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    Epson 7800 Issues/blockage

    I had to make a cleaner file with solid bands of CMYK and printed on our heaviest vellum until the heads came back to life. If that doesn't work look online for a piezo flush kit.
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    Total Boxes required with weights

    Sheets per box Box inside height ÷ Paper caliper × .97 Books per box Box inside height ÷ Book thickness × .9
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    Baumcut 31.5 2005 cutter.

    Nice cutter. Rebranded Polar.
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    What does it say?

    Consult The Mail Group.
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    Xerox Veralink C8000 vs Xante Enpress

    The Xante is a Ricoh engine. Does that help?
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    Ricoh c9200 Print Quality Issue

    Does it happen from all trays?

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