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    Matrix 370P Laminator Compressor Trapped!!

    Went straight to the horse's mouth and they were very helpful. They responded very quickly. Thanks!!! I have to lift off the top half of the machine. I was hoping for something simpler but that's ok. Thanks!!
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    Matrix 370P Laminator Compressor Trapped!!

    Yes, both have wiring with no simple disconnect. We followed the wires and they go everywhere. The trays have four bolts but can't come out even if unbolted. It seems like you have to lift the top portion off the bottom. The dealer said they would talk to us at 150 dollars per hour.
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    Matrix 370P Laminator Compressor Trapped!!

    We have a Matrix Laminator that uses a Bambi Compressor. The compressor has died but I cannot remove it from the machine. The machine has two bars, one on each side, filled with wires that trap the compressor. The compressor is sitting on a shelf that cannot be removed. I noticed in the pictures...
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    mono digital printers. KM vs Canon Varioprint vs Xerox Nuvera

    We have a continuous stacker. It holds 6000 sheets. It prints 3000 sheets and the tray moves out and printing continues. It does print on glossy stock.
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    mono digital printers. KM vs Canon Varioprint vs Xerox Nuvera

    We have a Canon Varioprint 140. It is amazing. We use it for book production. We print mainly 11x17 and 12x18 20lb. Halftones and solids are beautiful. If you use friction-fed bindery equipment might have some scuffing issues.
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    Challenge 305 Cutter Home Position

    There is a set screw in the very back of the cutter. It is the motor that moves the belt. Sometimes it backs off and the motor just spins. Take the housing off and observe it. It will make perfect sense if that is the problem.
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    Justifying Equipment Purchase... Recession... Financing Options - HELP!

    If you decide to go with a B/W machine, I would highly recommend the Canon Varioprint DP 140. The toner is beautiful, just like offset. I did a quality test with all the major printers and nothing came close to the Canon DP 140. The only drawback is if you use friction-fed finishing equipment...
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    Skew on Morgana Docufold Pro

    I would say that it is the skew adjustment at the top of the folding attachments. There is a knob at the top for adjusting skew. Not to be confused with the nob for adjusting the fold. The skew knob has a lock screw and a plus and minus setting. It should be set to zero. A novice will use the...
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    Morgana Autocreaser 'Crunch' message

    We have the very same one. Make sure the catch tray is seated properly. If it's up a bit it won't run.
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    Best screen angle for one color gradients

    I miss those days. Taping down all those screens on mylar. Picking out the dots with your pointed tool when you got a speck on the glass. Chokes and spreads. Rubylith. Chromalin proofs. Velox prints.
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    Aluminum False Clamp

    We just bought a Mohr 80 cutter and we love it. However, the false clamp is aluminum and my magnetic foam strips don't stick. I need them for cutting perfect bound books. Any solutions?
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    Roland SP540v - Black and Magenta print issue

    Shutdown. Unplug. Plug in. Start.
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    Konica Minlota C1060 Issue

    Sometimes the feed rollers need a little extra attention. I always keep a can of belt dressing spray and put a LITTLE on a cloth and rub all the rollers including the bottom roller that doesn't turn. With my canon C750 it's a long reach.

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