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    As you know, there are many variables – and keep in mind that there is no waste and very low-to-no makeready on Landa presses. However, who better to ask than a Landa customer? Here's what Paul Hudson said in a November (2021) press release: The Landa S10P’s unique, expanded color gamut; better...
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    One that supports your existing 40" offset environment with B1 format, will produce 96% of Pantone colors, is super-fast (6500 sph), and has all the versatility and variability you need for your future, and all of your database-driven print jobs. Landa Digital Printing (I represent Landa...
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    Printer in Nigeria needs violet CTP plates and chemistry

    Hello all - A printer in Kaduna, Nigeria is considering purchase of a VM4 CTP, and needs a source for the violet CTP plates and chemistry. Anyone have a contact; ideas? Thank you!
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    Photobook Printing Presses

    Indigo is the popular "go to" photobook solution. Make sure you also check out
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    Landa S10 Press Installation is Complete at Duggal’s

    If you haven't looked at Duggal lately, look at the website. It will blow you away. Start here, at, and wander -- I recommend "Solutions", "Project Gallery", and the "Blog", which are all easy menu choices across the top of the page. Enjoy!
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    The Updated Job Interview

    ehhh... more like 40%, plus or minus a couple.
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    EPG KeyColor ink control systems

    Hello all, If you have one or more KeyColor systems and haven't heard from EPG about an essential Windows update, please contact Joe Schulz at, or call him directly at 267-261-3003. Best regards, Helene Smith +1 321 388 6511
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    RIT Estimating Study Reveals Critical Needs

    michaelejahn Hi! You may or may not know we are representing arifiQ. Here are the explanations I think you may be looking for: You'd have to ask Chris Bondy which vendors he looked at. Second, we obtained the quote from him (Chris) after the research was released. Third: In arifiQ, the...
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    Does my idea is possible?

    The Xanté Ilumina The Xanté Ilumina Hi Ben -- the Xanté Ilumina series will give you excellent output in a small footprint, affordable machine. It wins a lot of awards and has become a staple for small to medium shops -- especially those looking for one-off work like you are looking for...
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    Nanographic Printing Technology from Benny Landa

    Hi Green Printer, Thank you very much for your question. Landa is examining a range of deinking solutions on the market and will provide answers about progress as soon as we can. We appreciate your interest and patience. Sincerely, Helene Smith
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    Nanographic Printing Technology from Benny Landa

    Communications for Landa in the Americas Communications for Landa in the Americas Hello all -- Please know that Landa plans to answer all questions and correct any misinformation that may be finding its way to you. I can only speak for the company to a certain point -- our representation of...
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    Anyone using ink optimization in their worklflow?

    Truth or Consequences: Ink Optimization Truth or Consequences: Ink Optimization I'm just getting a handle on this, but I understand enough to know that it's dangerous to consider ink savings an independent variable in your production workflow. Ink savings is influenced by several factors, and...
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    FSC yearly audits

    Bidding out FSC CoC Certifications Bidding out FSC CoC Certifications Per Roger A. Dziengeleski of Finch Paper, you can definitely bid out your FSC CoC certifications. A list of certifiers can be found at the following link: The Forest Stewardship Council :: Certifiers
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    Pitstop or Flightcheck?

    Another word on pdfToolbox from callas Another word on pdfToolbox from callas Matt, correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe another unique capability of pdfToolbox is its ability to handle XMP metadata.
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    Tweeters Plead for Accurate News Reporting

    I am Twitter watching in real time while we wait to hear accurate news on natasha richardson -- lots of discourse on what sources to trust. Here are a few sample tweets: jennyrotten: Someone bring back the newspaper biz so we know what happened to Natasha Richardson. According to online she is...

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What about Profitability?
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