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    Who has the best all-around package for web-to-print?

    thanks gailbird65, the names you mentioned & basic summary give me quite a lot to investigate, cheers
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    IMPORTANT: Templates for a Web to Print Software

    Thanks Stephen for posting that great link! regards Adrian
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    Who has the best all-around package for web-to-print?

    hi Bjam, have you made satisfactory progress with go epower? What issues have arisen? Could you please post a link to your site? thanks Adrian
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    Who has the best all-around package for web-to-print?

    hi, appears to do what we want, am currently compiling a list of features we seek. Will compare over the next week & replay cheers Adrian
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    Who has the best all-around package for web-to-print?

    We are looking to commit and are very interested to learn the pitfalls of established W2P software. We provide a broad spectrum of print services, primarily using inhouse digital equipment but also job out a fair amount of short run offset. We also freight our clients printing directly to their...
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    konica minolta 6501 vs 6000 vs xerox 700

    Yesterday we said goodbye to our old faithful 6500 and today have had installed a used c6000 (with service agreement as per new machine). We do about 20k sra3 pm. The ability to print 'banners' (ie 1200mm long) clinched the deal as this brings work back inhouse that weve been jobbing out. Click...
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    what machine to buy? xerox or km?!

    There have not been any major improvements imo in the midrange ie 20-50k click pm machines in a year or two. I read on this forum & agree - service is critical. Anyway we are close to closing on a used machine to replace our aging km6500. THe replacement has better (but not great) duplex rego...
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    Konica Minolta C6000 with or without external rip

    I wonder why the km dealer didnt push their own product harder? Thanks, I will suss it out, cheers Adrian
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    Konica Minolta C6000 with or without external rip

    the other reason we are looking at the onboard fiery (besides that we dont do variable data images atm), is price. the IC413 is pretty good rip, the km rep said its whats most printers with c6000 buy regards
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    Konica Minolta c6000 vs c7000??

    i understand that the c6000 is being replaced in february, one would assume the same would apply to c7000 & c8000, but probably more of an upgrade than 'new' machine. there are some bargains to be had (demos/tradeins) & will be more of them once the (mainly) c6000 are traded after february...
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    Konica Minolta C6000 with or without external rip

    that’s a bummer, but i guess expected. could it be reformatted and used as a desktop pc? thanks!
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    Konica Minolta C6000 with or without external rip

    We are looking at decommissioning our km6500 with ext fiery IC303 & replacing with C6000. Altho the C6000 is 2nd hand it has less than 100k clicks (they are asking au$27k). It has the onboard fiery IC413 rip. Please can anyone advise if the IC303 can drive the C6000? & will this be of any...
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    what can i use a decommissioned fiery IC-303 for?

    hi, after paying over $40k for this 6 years back i am reluctant to chuck it out. but i never see 2nd hand rips being sold on ebay etc. can an old rip like this be given a new life, sure it won't be as fast as the latest rips but can it be useful - esp on a mutoh large format....? cheers
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    Solvent superior to Pigment???

    hi, i have been going round & round on this for a while but think aqueous suits us better. my goal is to bring short run (<200) offset i currently job out, inhouse ie A2, A1, B1, however the (aqueous ink) test prints I have been basing my calculations on are'nt coated, (bright white 140gsm, but...
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    Reviews on Ricoh C751

    is the km c7000 in the same league as C751 or c75?, esp afaik it lacks registration abilities of either. (imo with the inline spectrometer and faster, the j75 is in the next league ie c901/c8000). but for me the km's are the only machine to print extra long sheets.... there has been no critical...

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