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    Pricing Question

    I buy from WCP, but we are government and I can sometimes get paper cheaper from Office Depot on the state contract. I don't like to order from OD because the boxes come UPS and are trashed, but I got a new rep and decided to ask him, last one had said no, this gave me a better price and he...
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    Pricing Question

    I'm an inplant also and we only charge a few outside agencies. But we calculate everything to justify our existence, currently the cost for 500 3ncr would be $70.50, that is the cost of the paper and a click charge. We print all carbonless on a Xerox D95. We used to print all black and white...
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    Automatic Laminator and Trimmer

    Thank you for the comments. I would love to take a look at machines and run some tests. But we are a suburb of Boise Idaho and there are not many vendors for most equipment here, cheapest I have found is I have to buy online and travel to a shows to see equipment. I have been to...
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    Automatic Laminator and Trimmer

    Fujipla ALM 3222 Automatic Laminator and Trimmer - Does anyone have and use this Laminator? I am looking for something that has the auto features that this one has to do letter and tabloid sizes. I could not find any reviews for one on Mr. Google. I know that I have to get the proprietary...
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    Stumped trying to run numbered multi-page PDF on NCR

    We use Number Press 8 to number everything, including 3NCR. It was very inexpensive and you just set up the numbering import a pdf of the background image and it generates a PDF of the entire file for printing. We use it for receipt books, half sheet 2NCR and many other forms. We have two...
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    Xerox square fold trimmer. Any good?

    It has many faults. I had two 700i with them, now two 3100. For a 20 sheet booklet we can only send 25 sets, have to clear the fore edge trimmings box, lots of faults caused by a trimming piece getting up in the cutter area, always ends up wasting 5 sheets every time. I would have preferred...
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    Print Management software

    Hi, local county print shop here, we have the PSP, self hosted program. It was a big upgrade from all paper written orders, we can now actually know how many orders we have in any time period. It also keep great track of stock for reordering. We only have employees working, and to access it...
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    Ijetcolor NXT Supplies

    We used to have the Mach 6 from Neopost (now Quadient), switched to the iJet Classic, wish we could have waited for the NXT. Anyway, we have continued to purchase our supplies from Quadient, at a cheaper cost than iJet, ink and printhead work fine.
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    Ink jet envelope printer

    We have a mach 6 from Neopost for about 5 years, service wasn't that great for how much it cost, over $2000. We moved on to an iJet Classic, it was around $14k for a really similar machine, but the service contract for us was $990 all service is remote, they have videos and have talked us...
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    Advice on B&W Low Cost laser for Carbonless Paper Printing

    I have used a Riso in the past, registration was terrible, lines for filling out forms not even close. We used a Xerox 4127 for years for both carbonless and regular black and white printing and had lost of jams. Switch to a dedicated Xerox D95 in 2019, now have 1,499,308 clicks on it, I think...
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    Upgrading digital and other equipment

    We used to have to reprint stuff cut wrong, especially business cards, usually the stack didn't get pushed back in the guillotine cutter and then the whole stack was messed up. We use it for bleed trimming, greeting cards, postcards (bleed) and tons of business cards. With your preset jobs...
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    Upgrading digital and other equipment

    Local County Government so we run a lot of envelopes and NCR paper. We used to share printing NCR on a Xerox 4127 and have had lots of issues. We changed to a dedicated machine for NCR, a xerox D95, bought a CPO machine and have had it for over two years, only had a handful of service calls...
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    Paste Binding

    I run the Print Shop for the County here, our detention center has a problem with updates on the rule book, constantly changes. They do one full copy (using the FastBack20) for each unit, so about 10. At booking they hand out a condensed version hitting the important stuff that is an 8 1/2 x...
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    Envelope Printing

    I've had the Risco Priport way in the past, Okidata C9650 with the Straight Shooter feeder, neopost AS950, now run all smaller than 9 x 12 on the iJet Classic I think that's what the call it. We got a Xerox 3100 and started printing all larger on it, great quality. The iJet works well on the...
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    Duplo 646 and crack n peel

    Just received the Duplo 646 last week, great machine. We do several jobs with crack n peel labels and I wonder if we could use the Duplo. Wondering if we will get the sticky mess that we get using the guillotine? Usually only 20-100 sheets at a time. Thanks for any input.

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