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    Perfect Binding glue recommendation please

    Try this company
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    Accura360/Accura MIS Feedback

    We have been using the software for several years. Provide me your phone number and I will call you to discuss.
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    Wide Format On-Site Service HP

    Yes, unfortunately the HP distributors in our area do not have trained HP service technicians. One of the distributors did provide us the name of someone. They are coming out this week. Hopefully, they can help us.
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    Wide Format On-Site Service HP

    Does anyone know of a service company located in the US, other than HP, that provides on-site support and service for the HP360?
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    Screen 8600

    Contact Jeff with Platesetters 888.380.7483
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    CTP System Chemical Free

    Contact Jeff at Platesetters- 201-410-3537
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    CTP Recommendations

    This company sells used CTP systems- 888-380-7483 , contact Jeff
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    UV Coater For Sale-Tec Lighting

    TruUV 21-D Coater- One Owner purchased 06/2013 Runs Good. Needs a plexi glass replacement 325.00 from TEC Lighting. Located in Charlotte NC We coat gloss, satin. matte and Soft touch with this coater
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    Transfer belt on a Xerox 700 Digital Color Press

    We have a Xerox 700, our operator tells me that it assist the paper through the press and also the electrostatics of the press. We had ours replaced in January of this year. Will be selling our X700 next month if you need another one. Hope this helps!
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    Suggestions for Replacing Indigo with Toner press

    Thank you for the recommendation! Will take a look at the KM.
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    Suggestions for Replacing Indigo with Toner press

    In addition to our Indigo, we have older toner devices, Xerox 700 and KM C8000. Due to high operating cost we are thinking of replacing the Indigo with a toner device. We have moved some of the Indigo work two these older devices. Both toner devices have served us well but need to be upgraded...
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    Suggestions for Replacing Indigo with Toner press

    Thank you for your reply- What toner devices do you currently use?
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    Suggestions for Replacing Indigo with Toner press

    We are looking at various toner digital presses to replace our Indigo 5600. The offset look of the toner printed on the sheet and registration are concerns for us. Our volumes are not high so speed is not an issue. Our goal is to find a toner box that can print a variety of substrates, including...
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    MBM Aerocut Prime Complete Air Feed Slitter/Cutter/Creaser

    No, we did not buy the MBM. We determined that the Duplo 646 would meet our needs better because it creased synthetic papers better. We did not buy the Duplo either but if we decide to in the future Duplo is probably the direction we would go.

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