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    Trick a Plockmatic 410 collator into back exciting without a booklet maker plugged in?

    As the title says, I am looking for a way to manually set a collator to "back exit." I have a basic stitch'n'fold booklet maker that doesn't have an interface, but seems like it would accept collated sheets from the back of the collator if only I could get it to exit that way. Anyone know if...
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    PitStop - "Keystone" contents of a page?

    I know this is sort of a specific use case, but it is it possible to use PitStop Pro to warp the contents of a page in a manner similar to keystone for projectors? Something like scale Y on the right side of the press sheet, but not the left, or scale X on the bottom but not the top.
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    Who is still using Acrobat Distiller?

    I use a risograph, so printing separations is a key part of my workflow. In the past, I would print a .ps file and distill it, but these days I am using VipRiser, a virtual PDF printer, to print seps.
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    Restoring lost action lists

    Of course its in the most obvious place! You are lifesaver - thank you so much!
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    Restoring lost action lists

    Hello all, I recently updated my mac production machine to High Sierra via a clean install, the only hiccup so far is that I stupidly forgot to properly export my action lists from PitStop Pro (2017 Update 1). I did make a clone of my drive as it stood before wiping it and i have tried replacing...
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    Recommendations for industrial sewing machine for center sewing

    Hello, all! As the title says, I am looking for recommendations for industrial sewing machines for center/singer sewing for booklets. I am having trouble finding binderies in my area that offer this service (and only 2 that still offer smyth sewing) and its a capability I have wanted to add...
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    looking for a creative print shop

    What about Risograph? They have become very popular amongst artists and DIY publishers partly because of the vibrant (fluorescent) ink options and "outside the box" nature. I've been mapping the rise of risograph in art production for a number of years and there are quite a few in the greater LA...
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    Export a plate from a PDF - possible in Pitstop?

    I'm really interested in this too! My use case is that I print to a RIP-less risograph, so I am ultimately sending grayscale pdfs for each spot channel. Adding channel splitting to my action list would be a dream!
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    MBM BC-12 - Paper Thickness?

    I recently picked up a used MBM / Uchida BC-12 business card slitter because it seemed like it would be a better solution for handling the relatively low volume of business cards that I do. I have really enjoyed the machine, but whenever I use 100#c French Paper Co. (my normal BC stock as French...

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