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    Random Crooked plates on Screen 4300E

    I cleaned all the rollers & sensors. Are the transfer belts you are referring to, the plastic rails the plates ride on in the transfer section? I'll take a look at the centering unit sequence as well. Thank you for the tips!
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    Random Crooked plates on Screen 4300E

    Thank you for the quick response Panicos! We had a chance to pull off all the covers and take a good look at the plate path. We didn't find anything like you described, but did notice that the bottom rider roller has a heavy side - meaning it doesn't roll smoothly, it always stops on the same...
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    Random Crooked plates on Screen 4300E

    First off thank you for the ad - much appreciated! I have a 4300E that will produce crooked plates only when the preload function is used. It only effects the operator side. We are using HB Thermal Chemfree plates, 761 x 635 mm I've had two different techs look at the machine w/o positive...

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