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    Ijet color 1175

    Honestly, I don't know the postmark enough to give you information you can rely on.
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    Ijet color 1175

    Yes the machine actually will report back the estimated job cost of whatever you just ran on the screen. Operational cost obviously varies with what the job is, but for a simple #10 with a color corporate logo I'd say under half a penny
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    Ijet color 1175

    Have placed a few in the field and feedback has been positive. Very fast, easy interface, low operational cost
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    Hey Mike, What has Canon quoted you for the C810?

    Hey Mike, What has Canon quoted you for the C810?
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    low cost printer

    This is also probably dependent on volume. Any idea of an estimate of how many labels you would be doing? Any special finishing options necessary like embossed wine labels etc.?

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