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    Neopst Mach 6

    ]Mach 6 print speed: It depends on the length of the paper you're printing; I print letter size or larger. The speed it runs at with letter size is around 2,300 hr on normal speed
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    Looking for Full-Time Prepress Operator - St. Louis, MO

    Is this position still available?
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    Press Operator Wanted

    I have some experience with an AB Dick. I have more experience with the Neopost Mach 6. Has the position been filled yet?
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    Mach 6

    Shawn - I'm not using mcolor either, haven't had the chance to yet. I am going to check into damfino's InFix as soon as I get to work though! Damfino - I do feel very fortunate; I love this machine and am much better with it than I ever could've been with the spatula and ink bucket contraption I...
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    Mach 6

    Well hello Number One, I'm Number Two. ​​​​​ I was on an AB Dick before this, so I really don't have anything to compare it to.
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    Mach 6

    I'm operating the Neopost Mach 6... apparently we have the second one they made. Who has #1? Has number three been made?

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