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    An Issue of Productivity

    And everyone gets business cards with your new title - professional meeting attendee.
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    Epson P8000 Clogged Head

    I have a clogged head in my LK ink. I've done all the cleanings from Epson menu, but cannot get a clean print in the nozzle check, and it shows up in mild banding on actual prints. I've done a lot of searching in Google and YouTube, but haven't run across any relevant data for the P-Series...
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    Raster or Vector PDF proofing

    Pretty much what Joe said.
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    Whats with the trend of New Files from Client?

    Gordo, I think Gsterwald meant that if necessary, he fixes any issues in order to make it print-ready, then sends native file back to customer for any revisions they might make, like typos, copy edits, etc. At least then the issues that might have prevented it from being print-ready have been...
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    The Company Story

    Gordo, perhaps if you had not named it "toons.Final" this could have been avoided. ;)
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    Whatever Can Happen............

    The customer whose files require the most time to make work will be the first to upgrade to the newest software version.
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    Whatever Can Happen............

    Exact reprints (with saved files, plate curves and CIP info) increases the odds that pressman will say job cannot be done or matched.
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    XMF and Taffeta

    We're currently using Screen's TrueFlow, but in a couple of months will be transitioning to XMF. We run a mixture of traditional dot and SPEKTA (Screen's version of stochastic). In many files that contain blends or gradients, we have found that SPEKTA can salvage a job on press so there is no...
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    Screen PlateRite 8600S Autoloader slip sheet issue

    Lab Man, the Fuji tech said the anti-static properties will transfer up the stack of plates. It sounded dubious to us, but it has helped in our building. We've had two consecutive brutal winters here in NW Ohio, and haven't had to deal with the slip sheet issue. Fortunately our parts must also...
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    Screen PlateRite 8600S Autoloader slip sheet issue

    Lab Man, we have the same set up, use the same plates, and almost the same plate sizes. Two tricks we use, especially in the winter, and seems to help most with the 40" plates: 1. On the advise of a Fuji tech, we tape two fabric dryer sheets to the bottom of the cassette, one at each corner, so...
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    Specifying color using Lab values

    We've run into some serious issues trying to run PDFs through our ink optimization (CGS Ink Saver) software. Reds come out green, etc. The main culprit seems to be Lab spot colors in AI, converted to process in InDesign by customer. So we see a CMYK PDF, and everything seems to be good to go...
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    Strange Epson 9900 Issue

    Thanks for the replies. CGS thinks we have a bad print head, but wasn't sure why forms that contain a green color will pass with very low dE numbers, but forms without green will fail. For now, I bumped the dE max target value up slightly. Visually, the forms from this 9900 match our other one...
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    Strange Epson 9900 Issue

    I have a strange issue that I wonder if anyone else has run into. We run color proofs to Epson 9900 with built-in Spectro through ORIS Color Tuner. Jobs have started to fail when reading the IDEAlliance GRACoL print target. The B11 color (which looks like a 50% tint of the dark green) is always...
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    How do you measure type size? Michigan wants to know

    When I was a proofreader, I used an old fashioned E-scale chart. And I confess that I only measured the actual letter height. I think I still have a couple, and I'm in Ohio so I could let your Supreme Court borrow one if necessary. Maybe the aggrieved party can claim they used a different font...
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    a CS5 bugg and how to work around it

    I ran into this problem twice today. Only one of the jobs I was working on used fonts from a folder titled "Document Fonts". More puzzling for me is the other job worked fine yesterday, but today wouldn't work. I moved the InDesign document to my desktop, and it worked fine. Jim

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