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    Presstek Anthem Pro to Anthem Elite Conversion

    We just converted, or rather, we just had the conversion forced on us. It's been a circus, Presstek is seemingly totally unprepared to do anything but push this new plate ... as soon as they've done the conversion, they're gone. No help with the inevitable on-press issues, no coordination...
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    4,000 XML files

    thanks much thanks much Thanks all for your time ... found this vbscripty thing on the interwebs, it has made me a hero and possibly given me tomorrow off! cheers
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    4,000 XML files

    We're quoting on a mailing where we'll be supplied with more than 4,000 .xml files of individual financial letters. RIght now it seems as if the operator will need to open each one and print from Word; I'm looking for a slightly more elegant (ie automated) solution. Drag and drop onto the RIP...
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    Pantone 17-1463 Tangerine Tango

    Thanks Chris ... it's the appropriate book we are missing.
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    Pantone 17-1463 Tangerine Tango

    Thanks Santa! But I'm looking for the ink breakdown, ie Pantone 158 consists of 12 parts Pantone Yellow and 4 parts Pantone Rubine Red. We were hoping to get a similar breakdown as the job's gotta go on press ASAP, the customer would prefer we do not wait to order the ink in but make it up...
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    Pantone 17-1463 Tangerine Tango

    Customer has requested Pantone 17-1463 Tangerine Tango for a job ... can anyone please supply a make-up of the base inks? Our Pantone books perhaps are not as updated as they might be ... regards, etc
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    RAM recommendations for CS6 basic suite

    I'm upgrading a G5 PowerPC / CS4 workstation to a MacPro2012 with CS6. How much RAM should I be looking at in the new machine for fairly robust use? thx ...
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    Font management recommendations

    I'm upgrading my production G5 PowerPC, on which I use Suitcase Fusion for font management, to a 2012 Mac Pro and CS6. Suggestions as to a font management program? It's in a print production environment, needs to be robust and reliable etc. thx all
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    Epson 9600 Ultrachrome prints turning yellow after lamination

    Epson 9600, Ultrachrome inks, Epson Photo Luster paper. Occasionally I am having an issue with laminated prints (mostly prints that have been plaqued, although it has happened with just straight lamination) turning yellow in the quarter- to mid-tone areas on the print. It does not seem to be...
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    I have refused jobs because the client used stock comps in the final rather than buying the rights. "We will be SO exposed," I said to my boss, he agreed, the client took their work elsewhere.
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    How long to Archive?

    I'd make two copies as well if I had my way ... overruled by those above my station.
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    Presstek Dimension 400 not imaging.

    So as it stands now, you cannot image any plates? Or just the third plate of that particular set?
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    HEY! Where'd my i go?

    Sounds as if it's an issue with the fi ligature glyph, perhaps it's not embedded and the f glyph is being used instead.
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    Find and Replace

    Good heavens, don't leave us hanging!! How did you do it?
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    Scripting print run from PDF

    Thanks to both of you ... yep, the hot folder route is possible, I'll look into the print order, the job will be run in smallish batches to facilitate the auditing.

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Automatically Autonomous Automation
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