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    Folding and Grain...

    We’re running Titan paper by Hansol. It’s offset stock - trim and run on our digital too. We’re using a Duplo 745 and Morgana autocreaser, same results on both. We also on a rare occasion run this through our Heidelberg Cylinder letterpress we use for die-cutting and scoring. (No digital prints...
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    Folding and Grain...

    Kdw75, I’ll second your results. We have seen the same thing for years and always run our coated text stocks this way. We also run the crease inside the fold as the finished product looks better.
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    Xerox 700 Fiery EX700 install DVD

    I realize this is an old post but I'm in a similar position. We have had multiple of these machines in the past and have recently resurrected one that's been in Mothballs for a walk-up machine. However the only installation media I can find is for Windows XP. I know the prior EX700 we had was...
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    Braille printing

    I'm looking for a wholesaler (or otherwise) that would be able to produce a book in Braille. Any ideas on a supplier for something like this?
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    Ugh! I'm still using Rampage. Make it stop!

    I agree that many prepress workflows are built around static products produced via offset. I have seen two options that are not the traditional models with some digital capability bolted on. 1st option would be to utilize enfocus switch and add the additional features you want by adding...
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    Recommended 29" press for running 24pt board

    We operate a Heidelberg XL-75 and this thing runs 24pt great. It’s rated for 32pt but we’ve never had occasion to run anything over 28pt. I think the Heidelberg 74 CD is the predecessor and might be more available on the used market though if that’s where you are at.
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    Ricoh 7110 problems

    We too have been struggling with registration, this is our 5th month and the registration problems started about 6 weeks ago. Up to that point we were not even checking front to back registration on anything because you would just load and run. Then we noticed a few runs of 14pt had some sheets...
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    Small hand fed folder wanted

    BigSi, Maybe I'm misunderstanding how you want this to work but we score/crease all the time on either a duplo creaser or heidelberg Cylinder and have no problem running them through our air fed folders. My recommendation is a small tabletop unit from Duplo (...
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    Double sided tape applicator

    Anyone use or know of a good manufacturer of "Tape Applicator" equipment. We're getting a lot of runs from a single customer to produce pads that need double sided tape strips applied to the back of the pad. Since it's a single customer I'm thinking something like a tabletop machine that is hand...
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    Ricoh 7110 tested

    Curious what settings everyone is using to run their 16 pt Tango C2S and similar stock. When it was first installed we had a lot of jamming and the technician assured us it would just take time to dial in all the settings for the paper library. This seemed to be the case and we were getting less...
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    banner prints - which light production machines can print 900mm or thereabouts?

    msaeger - we're trying to print 25" long sheets on our Ricoh 5100 via the bypass but we're unable to key in any length longer than 19.2" (this is on the print engine itself, not the RIP). Is there something special I need to do so it will accept a longer size?
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    Ricoh 7110 tested

    The Ricoh 7110 has a "belt smoothing" roller that gets rid of unwanted gloss differential - I've found it works really well for what we do. I'm told by the tech that it can only be run 90 times before replacing the belt on the fuser and the smoothing roller (basically a fine grit roller to buff...
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    Home Printers for printing onto small boxes?

    Not quite for the home market but this is the only option I can think of that might work - not necessarily this printer but something like it: DirectJet_UV_printers. I would guess it's probably 20K though.
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    Morgana Digifold vs Duplo vs ?

    We're wanting to purchase a digifold but use it as our only folder at one of our satellite locations. Is it suitable for the standard array of folding that a small quick print shop would experience, i.e. 20lb bond, 80lb gloss trifolds, greeting cards on 100# cover etc? Craig, we also have a...
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    I need help deciding guys !! Xerox 1000 and Ricoh 7110 both offered in deal

    We've had our Ricoh 7110 for a week now and while it does a great print we've also found it to jam very regularly. Mostly on 100lb cover and higher and as stated it's ridiculous how difficult it is to get jammed 18" paper out of the machine. I get regular jamming on anything other higher than 12...

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