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    Can you print a mirror image from Command Workstation 6.5 on the Ricoh 7110

    I don't have a Ricoh, but on my Fiery, it is under the layout tab, called "Flip". However, I noticed that feature is not available for imposed jobs. If that is your situation, the workaround is to save it as a new flattened PDF instead of a .dbp file.
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    Following Guidelines

    @gordo , do you happen to have a link to the article(s) she's reading from the CDC website?
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    Rounded corner spines perfect binding

    I agree with @Puch , but also consider talking to your customer... I would think this will weaken the spine as well, making it more prone to coming apart. If they just want the rounded corner look, tell them you suggest to round the outer, non-spine edges.
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    Survey: Commercial Printing & the Pandemic

    I did not get the "connection is not secure message"...however, when I got to the final page to submit and it errored out. Not sure if it was my computer or the survey site.
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    OKI C941e/C942dn for light production ?

    Agree on this point. We run larger envelopes on our KM's. Question for you @Shawnd , I noticed your signature states that you have the straight shooter feeder. Did you have that from the start or did you upgrade to that from the original OKI feeder? We have the original OKI feeder and find it to...
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    OKI C941e/C942dn for light production ?

    We have the Oki C942dn. We purchased it mainly as an envelope printer, but we do occasionally use it as a backup to our Konica Minolta C6085. I would not recommend this printer for what you're describing for the following reasons: It's incredibly slow in general, but especially with card stock...
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    Used digital presses

    I used to sell digital presses for KM direct. In my area (southern California) there are plenty of 3rd party repair companies that service just about any make/model of digital presses. There are a handful of print shops that operate this way. They have multiple machines for redundancy because...
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    New Xerox Machine Coming?

    I was selling digital presses up until about 1.5 years ago in a large Southern California territory (I now work in a county in-plant). I visited every (known) print shop. There were only a handful of offset-only shops and they were all very small 1-3 man operations...usually 2 color presses like...
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    Heidelberg dumps drupa!

    Xerox and Bobst dropped out too.
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    Survey: Commercial Printing & the Pandemic

    I tried the survey and it says it was already completed before I even started...perhaps you provided your custom link and not a generic one @prwhite ?
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    OKI C942 Envelope Printer - run quantity limit

    I wanted to update this post since we found a resolution in case anyone else could benefit. Oki suggested we upgrade to the latest version of the Fiery - this required a memory (hardware) upgrade, then updating the system software to Windows 10, then installing all of the latest patches, etc...
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    Tec Lighting Inline Carbon Filter or Exhaust fan?

    We have this unit in a similar situation (warehouse and smaller volumes)...we have the in-line filter and it works great. No outdoor venting needed.
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    Personal Guarantee for leased Xerox?

    I used to sell gear for another manufacturer. We would only ask for the personal grantee (PG) if the customer had poor credit or limited credit history. If you don't fall into either of those categories, it's possible there is concern with COVID causing alot of companies to go out of business...
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    Easiest way to fix broken/corrupt/weird PDFs?

    We get these from our customers too...and we have KM printers. I have 2 quick fixes that work for 99% of the jobs and they don't require PitStop or any other 3rd party software, just Acrobat Pro. Go to the Advanced menu and select "Preflight". Assuming you're running digitally, select the...
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    So How many prepress technicians got laid off because of Covid-19

    I definitely agree with this...additionally, check out the big copier/digital press companies (Xerox, Canon, Konica Minolta, Ricoh, etc)...they all sell workflow software that you most likely have experience using. The position is usually called something like Production Solutions Consultant...

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