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    Single slit down the middle on AeroCut Prime

    I had a Duplo 616 at a previous company which worked great. At this shop, we have an MBM AeroCut Prime. One of the most frustrating limitations is the slitters are pre-set to a .275" (7mm) gutter. This creates a problem if you just want to do a single slit down the middle. For example, we have...
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    Customer file submission

    As @namelessentity stated...they often don't have degrees. Or worse yet, those who do have degrees went to a school that didn't really cover the production side of things. I got my bachelor's degree in graphic design, and out of 4 years of classes, there was only 1 class that briefly covered the...
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    Better Homes & Gardens, People temporarily halting some print subscriptions

    I agree! We subscribe to several children's magazines that my kids look forward to every month. When I walk in with the mail after work they often ask if their magazine(s) came. They like to fill out the word puzzles, find the hidden items in the picture, do the mazes, complete the color pages...
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    Better Homes & Gardens, People temporarily halting some print subscriptions

    I saw a post on another site sharing a postcard they received that their People magazine will not be coming in the mail for a while due to limited supplies. Seems like the same thing is happening for Better Homes and Gardens magazine. Here's an article about it along with the mail piece someone...
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    Duplicate the page in your print if you need to print on 3-part NCR, then make 3...

    Duplicate the page in your print if you need to print on 3-part NCR, then make 3 identical pages in your document. When you print, use the page level settings and specify page 1 comes from tray 3, page 2 comes from tray 4, and page 3 comes from tray 5 (for example). Make sure each tray...
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    3-d wall decorations done with my equipment?

    Very cool! What site did you find the template on?
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    U.S. digital newspaper ad revenue to surpass print by 2026

    Son: "So you mean to tell me...some kid rides around on his bike throwing news on peoples driveways - when they could just look it up on their phone?" @Shawnd: "But we didn't have the internet back then." Son: "What?! did you know what everyone was eating for dinner? How did you...
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    Fuel Surcharge...

    That's try to save on the surcharge by ordering large amounts, then they won't let you order large amounts?! Regarding the service calls, what if the tech has to return a couple of times to fix the same problem? Often our tech will come to assess the issue, then discover he...
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    Duplo Bin

    Manual just calls it the Waste Box:
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    OKI Consumables a Year After the Pullout.

    Good catch @Shawnd ! I even say the 942 in the post I refer to, whoops. Just corrected it. I think we've exchanged messages about this same issue before. If the envelope feeder worked better, I think we'd like the machine more, but it's such a constant battle to clear the jams. It's actually...
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    OKI Consumables a Year After the Pullout.

    We have the OKI C942dn with white toner and we haven't had issues getting toner from our local supplier. Watch out buying one with the white toner. It still uses a little bit of white toner with every print. We barely use it and noticed the remaining level was getting lower and lower. The tech...
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    scheduling a daily morning print to wake up my printer (Ricoh C5310)?

    Check out the "Weekly Timer Settings" under the "Timer" section on this page. It won't necessarily send a print, but it will wake up the printer automatically so it is in more of a ready state. We do the same thing for our Konica Minoltas. They all go to sleep at 5pm and auto wake up at 7:30am...
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    @YourCastle , it's not superior, just different. A QR code can cause your phone to open just about anything including a website, video, PDF menu at a restaurant, download a contact, etc. Clickable paper is using augmented reality to make the printed piece become interactive. Yes, it does require...
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    I worked at Konica Minolta when they were marketing their own version of this. A few accounts bought into the idea, but it also went dormant. I think the challenge is in both instances, they require a proprietary app be downloaded to your device in order for it to work. The last thing most...
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    More Reasons For Paper Shortages

    I was thinking the same thing after I read this. I can't even begin to imagine the investment and undertaking it would be to start manufacturing paper...but yes, hopefully some big investors realize the potential and start something soon! (Or maybe start up some old mills that are sitting idle).

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