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    Opening Quark 6 docs and 7 docs in correct versions

    This appeared in my in box today:
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    Leopard - is this safe for a production mac?

    Re: Leopard - is this safe for a production mac? Remember CS3 is Adobe's current release. CS2 was never even updated to run natively on Intel machines, and Adobe doesn't plan on updating it for Leopard. Here's a FAQ:
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    Quark's multiple layout mode

    Re: Quark's multiple layout mode One advantage is being able to synchronize text between layouts. That is, when they share information such as an address block, a change in one layout can be set to change the corresponding text in another layout. Jonathan Wieder | Publication Design...
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    Quark Hidden font?

    Re: Quark Hidden font? See if this helps: Jonathan Wieder | Art Direction for Publications |
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    Quark 4.1 & underlines

    Re: Quark 4.1 & underlines Paige, what system(s) are you running? And what are the versions and modification dates of the fonts? Jonathan Wieder | Art Direction for Publications 510.559.8930 |


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