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    KM C5501 - large capacity tray - heater/de-humidifier

    The heater/humidifier's MAIN purpose is to keep your stock in an consistent heat and humidity environment. this will reduce the need to unload stock that you may not need to run every day. It will also help, not FIX, but HELP if you are running your KM in an environment outside the sepcified...
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    Align Trays

    Fiery Tray Alignemnt ONLY works on standard sizes and is specific to that size only and through the specified tray ONLY. i hear EFI may add the 12.5 x 19 as a standard size seeing as printers use it so much being so economical
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    Km ic-408

    You DID get the ic-408. What you are seeing is the available memory and disk space. It is not giving you the full amount as it is not a system status type notification but more what the Fiery has available for usage.
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    Banner on KM 6501/5501

    Just wondering if you are running a Creo or Fiery???
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    Color Issues w/Konica Minolta

    All those issues can be resolved. It sounds like you need to get some "advanced" training scheduled. A better understanding of the advanced features will allow you to recognise issues and select the correct options to resolve. A bit of advise is to create PDFs of the files and import them into...
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    Proofing of offset on KM bizhub pro

    WOW. Many of these statements are quite inaccurate for sure. Mr Pavia took care of most of it, but let ME address the no bleed comment. Do you run the ink off the sheet on your press or do you oversize the sheet and trim it afterwards? Go figure, you can do the same on a KM 6501. Fusure...
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    DocuColor 260 Questions

    YAY! The joys oh the joys..... Most of the questions have been answered, but i would like to address the "get a bundled fiery" idea. Keep in mind that EVERYTHING you have put through the Freeflow is now in a unique format and may not be as easy to reprint any archived files to a normal RIP. I...
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    5000AP Demo

    WOW, i would like to know just where you did your research on the KM. i have over 200 in the Toronto area running form 5K to almost 750,000 a month. ALL running very well, reliable and consistent. i have a customer who put through over 500,000 clicks over the XMas holidays (1.5 weeks). He ran...
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    IMHO your price limit is WAY too low. You want to replace/compliment a press with an office model? If you owned a raceing car team, would you throw in a little 4-cyl to compliment your race car? If you SERIOPUSLY wnat to use thsi as stated, have it perform reliably AND make money you MUST...
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    Xerox 700 for Photo Print

    Even though it is a X! The principles of the Fiery are the same. Begin in RGB, do not convert. All this will be done in the advanced settings of your colour. In the top line, the RGB path, select the latest RGB profile. For rendering intent chose Photographic Best to create and use a custom...
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    Konica Minolta 950

    Well Done Joe, In defense of the KM Rep. the USERS are the ones that really know how to run any output device. But alos the rep SHOULD have come back with a better output. Most likely due to inexperience. The newer image quality options on the 950 are far above the 920. Seeing as you already...
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    Konica Minolta 950

    I have one of these in my demo room and not only is the quality/density improved geatly, the general "usage" has geatly improved. It has been totally redisgned to match the 1050 and give the user quite a bit more flexiability. The 920 has always been able to run coated stock and card stock up to...
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    Proofing of offset on KM bizhub pro

    An interesting statement. Pleasing colour sells first of all. As for proofing, sure we all would have some big fancy proofer that will NOT generate at productions speeds. Unfortunately the devices also need to be run as a production device to truely be profitable. I have many MANY customers who...
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    Ikon 550c Issue with Centering Images

    No offense man, but none of those setting would cause the toner to image right off the sheet. both sides......both sides......both sides.......
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    New guy--static problems

    Usually the root of static problems is down to humidity. Are you storing the paper in a controlled environment? You can use static guard very lightly to help. Do NOT spray it on the actual printing area of your sheet, but rather on the "pile". Fanning can help in some cases, but if the static...

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