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  • Hi Kevin,
    I am evaluating CTPs for a possible purchase. The 2 that I am considering is a Suprasetter 105 and a Trendsetter 800. I would very much appreciate to know your opinion on the following:
    If I use the Trillian SP plate
    Do I still need temperature compensation? and debris removal?
    Does the decrease in laser energy make the laser life longer?
    What is the max lpi that a low end trendsetter 800 can produce on a trillian plate?
    Trillian SP uses 70% less chemistry and can be used by 6000 sqm of plates before replenishment of the chemicals. How long can this last if you produce 400 sqm a month, can the chemicals for 15 months?
    How long does a 40W trendsetter laser head last?
    Trillian SP plate is quite new, are users really reaching the 500,000 impressions w/out baking?
    What is the difference between Trillian SP and Sword Ultra?
    Can you elaborate more on the advantages of square spot?
    What are the advantages of the Trendsetter over the Suprasetter?


    Hello Kevin,

    We don't know each other personally but we have met a few times at PrintPlanet.
    I hope you have read some of my answers and formed your own opinion about my experience.

    My desperate situation (7 months of unemployment) forced me to seek advice from any possible contacts.
    I know you are one of the top managers in Kodak and you know the employment situation from within the Company.

    I’m looking for a Field Service position in Prepress and I’ve applied on-line at Kodak HR department last year but… did not get any response.

    Would you be so kind to recommend me the person from Kodak HR whom I could contact more personally to discuss my possibility to join Kodak team, instead of doing impersonal on-line application.

    If you want to look at my Resume before doing any steps, I will be very thankful.
    Just let me know, I’m ready to send my Resume at any of your e-mail address.

    Thank you for your time reading my letter.
    Any kind of your answer will be appreciated.

    Yours truly,

    Vladimir Gorelkin
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