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    CTP Recommendations

    Hi All, Thanks for your support. The info is useful and I will ask more questions once I choose a machine.
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    CTP Recommendations

    i think one delayer in the UK mentioned this to us.
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    CTP Recommendations

    Hi Hager, Thanks for the feedback. I have some companies recommending Screen because of the laser head troubleshooting and maintenance. I think it is possible to change Individual diode anytime if the machine fails. I also know that Kodak and Agfa are manufactured by Screen so I do not know...
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    CTP Recommendations

    Hi All, we are a small printer with Heidelberg offset machines and we are thinking about buying a used CTP machine but we do not know what to look for. There are many brands and we do not know which brand is good taking into account that I am in a country where maintenance is really hard to...

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