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    Looking for resources for new salesperson

    Years ago, The Quad Graphics sales training process would start with working in: the bindery, pre-press, ink lab, photo, and actually working on press. If you had actually worked in the plant, it made you confident and knowledgeable about selling the product. It was also a team sales process...
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    Inkjet Options

    I like Xerox -- Wide, fast, high res 1200 dpi and easy to integrate. They are new to the market, but match better with commercial print applications.
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    Short Run Carton Packaging Production & Printing

    Depending on budgets -- I have seen some very good converters for corrugated and wide format printers. If you production is going to grow, stay away from the "low end" on the wide format printers. If you are going strictly UV, give the guys at Vanguard or Fluid Color a call on the wide format...
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    Label Congress

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    PACK EXPO Las Vegas & Healthcare Packaging EXPO: Still On-Schedule

    Usually very busy show. Ironically it is also a pharma/healthcare packaging event.
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    Has Covid killed the business card?

    Only for hypochondriacs.
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    PRINTING United Expo-2021 Cancelled

    Heidelberg, Agfa, Kodak and offset press manufacturers are leaking money. They are not even relevant ant a show like Printing United. The days of Graph Expo and Print being major shows are over. Printing United in 2019 was packed and very productive for anyone in digital/industrial (no...
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    PRINTING United Expo-2021 Cancelled

    I went to the Corrugated Expo two weeks ago. Exhibitor turnout was a bit low, however good energy from the vendors and attendees. Pack Expo is still moving forward as well as the Label Congress Show -- both in about 3 weeks. I guess it sounds like a sounds exhibitors backed out.
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    Zoom Job Interview

    I have noticed that all of the experts being interviewed on any cable news channel via Zoom or Teams usually have 1 or 2 items in the background. 1. A book shelf full of books they have never read 2. A guitar they have never played.
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    PARTNERS IN PRINTING Industrial Print Show LaCrosse, WI July 20-22 -- in person trade show, not virtual

    Partners in Printing | PRINTING United Alliance Attend or exhibit at Partners in Print. A REAL TRADE SHOW! Get away from your monitor and headset and talk to live people about products related to Industrial Printing Solutions -- screen, inkjet, converting etc. Exhibitor commitments and...
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    New Add-on VDP Solution from Mark Andy

    This is a reliable and well made product. DPI is a stable and well established inkjet company that has been in business for years. It is a good move by Mark Andy.
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    Anyone know if this is inkjet?

    Quad had the largest Gravure plants in the world -- primarily for printing Playboy mag. the Hefners and management wanted the images to be gravure printed. That was back when that "stuff" was actually printed.
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    Anyone know if this is inkjet?

    There are usually two types of "satellite drops. In one case depending on the head manufacturer, a printhead may be designed to jet additional ink to lubricate the head, to keep the nozzles fresh and and hopefully unclogged. Memjet does this with a yellowish tint. In other instances, as you...
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    office line head inkjet expected life

    Both are thermal heads and they are not as durable as piezo heads made companies like Xerox, Fuji Kyocera etc. The page wide was developed initially for desktop machines and they were really not for production. You could get a replacement as a spare part for around $250. The Pagewide for the...

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