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    Konica Plates going to SLP

    Printlifer, I would like to point out that SLP buying KMGI is a great synergy, and they are doing everything in their powers to transition both companies together with service and sales from both companies that will accommodate not only existing KMGI customers, but also SLP customers. The...
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    Kodak ctp

    Kevin I agree beware of closed systems, and yes Konica is even going thru the certification right now on the newssetter, will report back once its completed...with luck there will be two plates that can go on that device.
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    Kodak ctp

    Kevin, if I recall your Kodak Newssetter is not an open platform, and right now the only plate "certified" on that device is the Kodak plate. Trendsetters however are very different, numerous plates are available on those.
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    wrong reading plate...

    Alois you are exactly correct. As a matter of fact I see that daily at alot of our newspaper accounts, for that exact reason. The big problem with this however is the dot gain you receive when printing direct. Which is why it typically falls on Yellow to print direct as its easier to hide...
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    KM6501 vs c900 vs X700

    Also Craig, I have placed numerous demo unit on the floor at a customer's shop, on a 30 , 60 or 90 demo, based on performance, if the machine performs, the customer keeps the machine, if it doesn't we put it back in the box, and take it away. While I can't say that 100% of my boxes have stayed...
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    KM6501 vs c900 vs X700

    Craig if the manufacturer is not willing to stand behind a demo product put on your floor, then in my opinion the product is no good. I say the trade shows are a horrible place to demo a unit, as you have no idea what the manufacturer has done to the machine prior to you seeing it. You can run...
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    KM6501 vs c900 vs X700

    Craig, basing your opinion on Demo's and shows is nice, but if thats where you base your opinion on what is or is not a production device, then I prefer my experience with the devices above in the field in real world situations. If your calling the Ricoh a production device, even if its only...
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    KM6501 vs c900 vs X700

    Mark , if you are already running KM1050's, you will be hard pressed to find anything out on the world of digital that will match up to those devices on fuser temperatures. Especially when running shells. Your best bet right now is a C6501, when trying to match up the fuser temps, which can and...
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    KM C6501 Registration

    On your device there is a touch button on the screen called adjustment, click this. Under that tab is I believe Machine adjustment, in which you will find belt adjustment, registration adjustment, gamut adjustment on registration adjustment and once highlighted exit out of the menu...
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    used Konica Minolta c6500 (IKON CPP650) wanted

    We too have many refurbished units, and depending on your locations, I can get the proper sales rep to contact you. Please feel free to email me at
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    Ubertech, I work for KMGI, and have an tremendous technical background from my days installing...

    Ubertech, I work for KMGI, and have an tremendous technical background from my days installing imagesetters and CTP devices, and have over the past year moved into sales with KMGI (Konica Minolta Graphic Imaging), and while I try my best to keep up on the sales features of the machines we have...
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    Fuji violet plates with a Heidelberg CTP system

    Can't believe I am saying this but I have to agree with The Gentlemen from Kodak on this one. Steve if your going to be at the show I would love to meet you. Look me up, I may be over at your booth sometime visiting with Shashank.
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    Why are CTP plates still more expensive?

    Steve, no worries, we all tend to shift from account to account at times, and I did not mean Afga in general, although we have switched accounts a few times over the year as happens, although I am gaining ground on the "other two"... but it helps to have my technical background and...
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    Why are CTP plates still more expensive?

    Steve, well quite interesting, I am betting within the past few months thats shifting quite a know I am enjoying taking your accounts away..;)
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    Why are CTP plates still more expensive?

    Now why is it people always seem to forget there is a Big 4 not three. I don't mean to thrust Konica into the limelight, well yes I do, but Konica Minolta Graphic Imaging has a large variety of Both Thermal and Violet plates on the market today. So lets not forget about little ole us, doing so...

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