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    Xante Impressia opinions

    Like I said before I personally have not seen many great reviews of Xante.
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    Xante Impressia opinions

    You are one of the few from what I have read on most forums who is happy with Xante. I called Xante too many times. Never had a response in under 2 days. Xante and many others take an Okidata (which is a toy never meant for production) and try to beef it up. For the most part it just doesn't...
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    Looking for NYC area Press to send jobs to

    Are you looking for Digital or Offset?
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    Xante Impressia opinions

    Xante is the worst. We had one and after a year threw it in the garbage.
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    Introduce yourself!

    My name is Kris. Our company Digital Print One Printing NYC | Postcard Printing NYC | Rush Printing NYC We are a small digital shop that has a Koinca C6501, DTG printer and poster printing on our Canon IPF8300.
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    KM 7000 wont print linin well at all

    We have a C6501 and we run linen cover with no problems. I believe it has to do with fuser .
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    Continual Problems with Konica C8000

    The best machine they have had is 6501 and c6000. c8000 is a bear.

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